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How to Treat Scoliosis Without Surgery?

Scoliosis, unfortunately, became a widespread problem all across the vast Australian continent and in the world for that matter. Numerous people, even small children, and young teens have reported experiencing some kind of back pain throughout their lives, so there are some remedies and non-surgical treatments for this muscular disorder. Before looking into some magical solution, it’s important to note that there’s no way to actually “fix” scoliosis completely as it’s an incurable condition with no single cause. There are multiple non-surgical strategies to incorporate, though, for managing this condition and leading a painless life. Read on to find out.

What is scoliosis? 

Before you set your mind to finding the ideal remedy or treatment, you need to get acquainted with a few facts related to scoliosis. Scoliosis, or the medical term for the curvature of the spines, affects believe it or not around 4% of the entire population. In Brisbane, for instance, 10% of adolescents have reported having this medical problem, most of them being girls. Most people would consequently contact experienced scoliosis specialist in Brisbane for some professional advice and assistance, but few others would immediately think of surgery. A specialist would determine the severity of scoliosis and the need for special treatment. Very often, milder cases do not need any treatment, but if the spine curve has increased by more than 25 degrees, there might be some treatment advised.

Opting for physical therapy for scoliosis 

One of the first therapies that could be incorporated for scoliosis is usually physical therapy. This is mainly applicable if a patient is experiencing pain due to the spine’s curvature. Traditional physical therapy can be very soothing and helpful in mild cases and even lead to secure recovery if it’s started n time. Physical therapists work on strengthening the back and leg muscles in order to increase agility, flexibility, and aid in preventing any possible injury. The therapy includes a mixture of exercises for general flexibility and a manual hand guide where the therapist uses hands to retain the patient’s movements and help alleviate pain. It’s utterly vital to note that physical therapy cannot absolutely correct the curvature, however, it can alleviate the discomfort and even assist in clearing out the back pain in the long term.

Applying Schroth Method for treating scoliosis 

Whether it’s mainly for children, adolescents, and adults, the therapy called the Schroth method is a very specialized type of physical therapy that includes performing a series of breathing, stretching, and strengthening exercises in five different positions. The positions demand a patient to lie on the back, lie on each side, be on hands and knees, sit, and stand while performing certain exercises. The Schroth exercises are designated to help each patient differently depending on the severity of scoliosis. Throughout the decades, there have been multiple positive benefits of the Schroth method as it helped patients strengthen the muscles that support their posture and help improve alignment. Some other benefits include reducing pain, improving mobility, realigning the spine, strengthening the core and back, and improving heart and lung function.

Bracing for scoliosis 

Bracing is usually suggested by a physician for patients with curvatures greater than 25-30 degrees and with serious skeletal growth remaining Bracing became popular because it can be custom-made and most patients reckon that it’s a faster solution for scoliosis. It requires careful observation and advice from your physician before recommending bracing. Bracing does help in preventing a spinal curvature from worsening as the patient grows, hence it’s best applicable at in early age. For maximal results, braces should be worn for 18 hours a day. The most popular braces for scoliosis are the Rigo brace or Cheneau brace.


In the end, not to result in other severe methods such as Mehta casting for scoliosis, many patients are advised, both young and old, to do some extensive exercise. Even though a person can be limited or unable to perform some sport due to pain and potential risk, they can always do some mild back exercises such as yoga. An expert working with scoliosis patients will exactly know which exercise they should or shouldn’t perform and help improve their lifestyle.

Many studies have demonstrated obtaining successful results for the above-mentioned scoliosis treatment options. Bear in mind that there’s any absolute way to “fix” scoliosis, but there are many ways to have a pain-free life.

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