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How to Choose Trusted Pest Management

If you’re looking for a reliable pest control company that uses the latest technologies, look no further. Trusted Pest Management’s innovative service employs the latest APIs and technologies, giving you peace of mind that your home is protected from the worst of pests. Here are some of the services offered by trusted pest management companies:

Termite treatment

Termite treatment with a trusted pest control management company can prevent termite infestation in your home. Typically, termite control companies will guarantee their work for one to five years. Make sure you understand exactly what your guarantee covers. For example, do they cover structural damage caused by termites? Are they responsible for yearly inspections? The answer to these questions can impact your decision on which pest control company to hire. Before hiring a company, be sure to remove any personal items and pets from the area. Also, you should wait for the product to dry before putting anything back in the house.

There are many different types of termite treatment available. One type is liquid termite control, called Termidor(r). It is applied to the foundation of homes to create an invisible barrier that termites encounter. This liquid termite control will kill any workers that come into contact with it. The termite treatment with Termidor will also eliminate the entire colony, known as a colony.

Termites feed on cellulose, a naturally occurring substance found in wood. They will first invade wood or paper outside your home and then move into your home. Once inside, termites will eat through the wood in large numbers and cause extensive damage. Termite control in South Florida requires proactive measures to minimize the damage caused by termites. If you notice any damage, call a trusted pest management company today to schedule a termite inspection and treatment.

Residential pest control

Residential pest control with a trusted pest management service can ensure your property is protected from invaders. Although termites are the most common culprits, other insects, such as ants and rodents, can cause extensive property damage. These insects can cause water leaks, and fire hazards, and even bring dangerous pathogens into your living environment. Hiring a pest control service to ensure that your property is protected is the safest way to avoid all of these problems.

A reliable residential pest control service will perform a thorough inspection of your home. They will identify the types of pests you may have, as well as any environmental conditions that may attract or sustain their presence. They will then apply a residual barrier to the exterior perimeter, treat any exterior entry points, and if necessary, treat nearby tree bases, landscaping, attached garage interior, and crawlspaces. This type of service is highly recommended when the infestation is severe and cannot be remedied on your own.

After choosing a company, be sure to read customer reviews. Not all companies will post customer reviews, so make sure to check multiple sources for information on a company. It’s also a good idea to look into the company’s success rate. While some companies might offer introductory discounts, you’ll need to pay for their services if they fail to meet your expectations. It’s a good idea to check out several different pest control companies before selecting one.

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