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Why should digital marketing be your career in 2022?

It can be difficult choosing a career path. It is important to find a career that you love and that provides stability for the long term. Wade Marketing has prepared this comprehensive guide.

Digital marketing is a dream job. This field has many possibilities. You will be amazed. Even more amazing is 2021.

Digital Marketing is constantly growing

Digital marketing is a rewarding job. This field is continually evolving and introducing new platforms. The digital marketing manager must be on the lookout to identify new trends that could affect discoverability.

Digital marketing strategies include all aspects related to a brand’s online existence. Digital marketing managers can use search engines to analyze how their algorithms change to determine the impact on website rankings. The entire marketing department then creates the strategy.

Future of Digital Marketing Jobs

While traditional marketing still holds value, digital marketing is fast taking over because it’s affordable and can be analyzed.

Market managers can now see who is visiting the site and what they are doing. They can also determine which tactics will generate the best ROI. This data-driven approach enables leaders and professionals to demonstrate their value. It’s possible to repeat past successes, eliminating any guesswork concerning future campaigns.

What is the demand from digital marketers?

LinkedIn claims that the most highly sought-after position, the “Digital Marketing Specialist,” is one of 860,000. Expertise in digital marketing is highly sought-after in areas such as content strategy, SEO, and social media.

Digital marketing strategies encompass many aspects. You can do many things in this field. This is the real crisis in the digital marketing industry. According to LinkedIn, the U.S. has a shortage of digital marketers in its major metropolitan areas.

Digital marketing is big. There are many jobs but not enough people to perform them. This is the best time to start a digital marketing company.

How can you get started with digital marketing?

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing before you can start your digital marketing career. You can assume many roles in digital marketing. Each role requires different skills.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be simple. Email marketing can be done easily. Email marketing is simple. You just need to send certain emails to particular lists. Targeting requires special skills.

In order to increase business and promote products, marketing emails are sent to prospects and customers. These emails can also serve to engage customers and prospects even if there isn’t a direct sale. Email marketers have to test different subject lines and text formats to find the best emails.

The average salary for an Email Market Manager in the United States of $65,834

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization will play an important role in digital marketing, no matter your level of expertise. All content is written with finding ability as the main goal.

SEO professionals can find many job opportunities in digital marketing. SEO professionals with the ability to do social media analysis, competitive analysis, as well as website analytics are highly sought-after. These are vital elements to optimize online traffic.

SEO Managers earn an average of $62,621.


As you gain experience in digital marketing, you will realize the importance of writing. Copywriters have the ability to create many kinds of content, such as product descriptions, tags, emails, and emails. Copywriters are also able to create non-digital material like direct mail or video scripts.

Although copywriters should have a solid writing background, they also require creativity and curiosity. Their job is to make people pay attention in a noisy environment.

Copywriters make an average of $58,465

Writing content

Copywriting and content writing seem to be two roles in digital marketing. However, once you start your digital marketing journey, you’ll discover that they are actually two different jobs.

The content writers are skilled in writing longer-form content. This content is what attracts people to your site. It also keeps them coming back through sales cycles. Whitepapers, blog posts, case studies, and eBooks are all created to educate and keep readers coming back.

The average Salary for Content Managers is $56,779

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing also includes social media marketing. Social media managers promote brands on networks like Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Social media managers plan campaigns, create videos and produce graphics. Additionally, they conduct research to discover audience trends in order to make sure that the messages reach the right people. It is important that you are available to answer any messages even after hours. This job requires you to be able to write, manage projects, and design. It is essential to have some experience in digital marketing for the purpose of building communities.

Social media marketers average $54,473.


Advertising has experienced significant changes in the past decade. Digital advertising is now a major part of the digital market.

Advertisers are responsible to match the right products with the right audience. They develop relationships with media companies to determine the most effective content for each outlet. They negotiate terms that are mutually acceptable. If you are looking for a fast-paced environment that is people-oriented, digital advertising could be a great choice for you.

The average salary for a Digital Advertising Specialist (Digital Advertising Specialist) is $51,272.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization is sometimes confused with Search Engine Marketing. SEO employs paid strategies. This is the main difference between SEO & SEM. SEM managers research keyword trends in order to determine the most efficient bids for these keywords in order to ensure company sites appear in search results. Combining SEO and marketing can help you bring people to your site.

There are many platforms and tools that allow you to search for keywords and manage bids. A/B testing can be used to identify which variants are the most effective. SEM managers must be data-driven, analytical, and able to make decisions.

SEM managers make an average of $74,399

You can begin training to become a digital marketer

Wade Marketing will teach you how to become a digital marketer. They’ll eliminate the need for you to stack jobs and help ensure that your business succeeds from the start.

We provide all the tools, training, and resources you need to succeed in multiple remote/ work from home digital marketing jobs. Our media buyers are highly qualified and will assist you in outsourcing your digital marketing tasks. This will allow you to keep your job.


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