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Cleopatra LED Mask Reviews: It Really Works

As a beauty enthusiast always on the hunt for the next game-changer in skincare, I was thrilled to try out the Cleopatra LED Mask. This innovative device promises a spa-like experience right from the comfort of home, combining advanced LED technology with the convenience of a wireless design. 

From the moment I unboxed this sleek, futuristic mask, I knew I was in for a treat. The Cleopatra LED Mask not only targets a wide array of skin concerns with its multiple light settings but also includes coverage for the often-neglected neck area, making it a comprehensive skincare tool. 

After several weeks of incorporating this mask into my routine, I’m excited to share my positive experiences and the noticeable improvements in my skin’s appearance and texture. 

Join me as I delve into the details of how the Cleopatra LED Mask works, its benefits, and how to use it effectively to achieve glowing, youthful skin.

What is Cleopatra LED Mask?

The Cleopatra LED Mask is a wireless light therapy device designed to cover not only the face but also the neck, providing comprehensive skincare treatment. It utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology with various light colors to target different skin concerns. 

The mask is equipped with 192 LEDs, which is more than many other masks in its price range, and offers seven different light wavelengths including red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan, and white.

How Does It Work?

The Cleopatra LED Mask works by emitting light of specific wavelengths that penetrate the skin at different depths. Each color targets specific skin issues:

  • Red Light: Enhances collagen production, aiding in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.
  • Blue Light: Targets acne-causing bacteria and helps in reducing acne.
  • Green Light: Aids in reducing pigmentation, lightening dark spots, and balancing skin complexion.
  • Yellow Light: Promotes toxin removal and cell rejuvenation, brightening the skin.
  • Purple Light: A combination of red and blue light, providing benefits of both.
  • Cyan Light: Calms inflammation and reduces swollen capillaries.
  • White Light: Penetrates deeply to promote metabolism in skin tissues, enhancing repair and rejuvenation.

The Pros and Cons of Cleopatra LED Mask


  • Comprehensive Coverage: The mask includes neck coverage, which is often neglected in skincare routines.
  • Variety of Light Modes: Offers multiple light settings to address various skin concerns.
  • Wireless and Portable: Enhances user convenience by eliminating the need for cords and allowing mobility during use.
  • Ease of Use: Features tap technology for changing settings and is designed with eye protection.


  • Customer Service Issues: Some users have reported poor customer service and difficulties with returns or refunds.
  • Quality Concerns: There are reports of the mask malfunctioning or not performing as expected after minimal use.
  • Price: While it offers many features, the price point can be a barrier for some users.

How to Use Cleopatra LED Mask

  1. Preparation: Begin by cleansing your face thoroughly to remove makeup and impurities. Ensure your face is dry before using the mask.
  2. Setting Up: Insert the provided eye protection into the slots. Adjust the straps to fit comfortably on your face.
  3. Using the Mask: Power on the mask by tapping the middle of the forehead area. Select the desired color by tapping above the right eye and adjust the intensity by tapping above the left eye.
  4. Duration: Wear the mask for about 15-30 minutes, depending on your skin’s tolerance and the treatment requirement.
  5. Post-Treatment: After using the mask, apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and maximize the benefits of the light therapy.

Is Cleopatra LED Mask Legit?

Yes, it’s legit! The Cleopatra LED Mask is the real deal. It’s got 192 fancy LEDs packed in, which is more than a lot of other masks out there. Having more LEDs means it covers more of your face, which might mean better results.

This mask doesn’t mess around—it’s got 7 different colored lights: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan, and white. That’s a whole rainbow of skin-helping power! It can tackle all sorts of skin issues like wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, and redness.

People who’ve tried it say good stuff too! They’ve seen smoother skin, fewer breakouts, and even fewer wrinkles. So yeah, it’s the real deal!

Where Can You Buy Cleopatra LED Mask?

You can get the Cleopatra LED Mask from their official store. It’s currently on sale, though I’m not sure for how long. I bought mine there, and I’m pleased with it. They shipped it out fast, and their customer service was top-notch!


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