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Treatment After an Auto Accident With Physical Therapy

If you have been in an auto accident, it is common to suffer from soft tissue injuries. Pulled low back muscles, headaches and whiplash are typical injuries you might sustain from an accident. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we treat people for a wide range of injuries that have been caused by an auto accident in order to help you heal naturally.

Assessing Your Injuries

When you first meet with our physical therapist in Lambertville or Toledo, you will go through an evaluation to determine the extent of your injuries. Your range of motion in your injured joints will be measured, and you will be asked a number of questions to determine what your baseline is for treatment. You might need further imaging to look for any broken or fractured bones, or to fully assess what is going on with one of your joints.

Writing Your Treatment Plan

Once a physical therapist completes the evaluation, a treatment plan is developed with your input. You will discuss your goals, and your treatment plan will define measurable outcomes to address your goals. Your physical therapist will write your treatment plan, and talk to you about your progress as you go through treatment.

What to Expect from Treatment

As you work with a physical therapist for your auto accident injuries, you can expect to get the care you need to heal naturally. Exercises should not hurt, and treatment will go slowly as you begin to improve from your injuries. Your therapist will prescribe exercises for you to do at home in between sessions. The exercises will help you improve your overall health, and make it easier for you to heal from your injuries. You can expect to see a physical therapist several times a week in the first few weeks of treatment, as treatment builds over time.

Working with Your Therapist

When you go to physical therapy in Bowling Green, you will work closely with your physical therapist during each session. If you are not doing your home exercise program as prescribed, let your therapist know. It won’t help your healing to skip your exercises, so do your best to get the home exercise program completed each day. If the exercises are causing you pain, stop the exercise and talk about alternative exercises with your physical therapist.

Soft Tissue Injuries Improve With Physical Therapy

Soft tissue injuries heal more effectively when you work with a physical therapist. Remedial massage therapy in Sydney helps improve circulation to your tissues, and ultrasound will help to bring more nutrient dense blood to the area. If you are dealing with headaches, neck pain, or lower back pain, part of the problem is tight muscles and poor circulation. Through stretching, exercises and manual therapies, your pain will improve as your muscles and tissue heal.

If you have been in an auto accident and need treatment, it’s time to see how PT Link Physical Therapy can help. We will address your treatment needs, and discuss your goals with you. As you heal, you will see your pain decrease and your mobility improve.

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