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Fix, Xbox series X won’t turn on

Veteran gamers buy Xbox series X to play games at a higher frame rate and 4k resolution while enjoying breathtaking graphics. What if your Xbox series X won’t turn on and you’re unable to use it in your short leisure time? 

Usually, this indicates that there is some glitch in the console. The glitch can have various reasons, including but not limited to corrupt software, hardware, and power supply issues. 

Hardware problems are mainly related to power buttons, power supplies, or other internal objects that professionals can best handle. You can sort out additional software and power supply-related issues at home. 

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Possible Reasons that Why Xbox one won’t turn on at all 

The abrupt shutdown and unexpected crashing of Xbox series X are mainly because of software, hardware, and power supply issues. Here are some hardware related reasons that cause such failures:

  • The Xbox may have corrupted firmware, software, or game files with incomplete updates.
  • The internal objects of the Xbox are malfunctioning.
  • The power cable of the Xbox is faulty or damaged.
  • The Xbox is overheated or not well ventilated.

What Do You Do if Your Xbox Series X Won’t Turn On?

One can troubleshoot and fix Xbox Series X or S at home by performing the following steps:

Inspect Wall Socket/ Power Cable

Xbox Series X has no power brick, unlike its previous-generation Xbox 360. Xbox series X has an internal system of power supply. A person might wonder that there is no power while starting the Xbox X series. That is why he should be careful and always check the wall outlet and power cable. Below mentioned steps are helpful in this regard:

  • Hold the power button and turn on the console.
  • Disconnect the console and power button.
  • Reconnect the power cable.
  • Press the power button and check if the console turns on or not.

If these steps do not work, then opt for the following steps:

  • Disconnect the power cable from the wall socket.
  • Connect the power cable to any other wall socket.
  • Click on the power button and check if the console turns on or not.

If the Xbox series x turns on then off instantly, try other methods explained below.

Power Reset/ Restart the Console 

One might think that there is no power that is why Xbox x is not working.  However, one should be careful while starting his Xbox Series X and follow these easy steps:

  • Hold the power button and turn off the console.
  • Unplug the power cable.
  • Wait for some time but not more than 10 minutes. 
  • Connect the power cable again.
  • Now turn on the console and check if it turns on. 

With these easy steps, we hope that the Xbox series x won’t turn off, but if it’s still not working, then try other steps.

Clean the Console

This is one of the basic but most opted steps because the dust inside the console often causes heating and other problems. It is always an excellent choice to clean out the console after some time to avoid disruptions and glitches. Follow these steps to clean out the console:

  • Switch off the console.
  • Pick a dry cloth or an air drier.
  • Unplug every single wire and cable from the console.
  • Clean out the ports of the console.
  • Connect all the cables and wires again.
  • Click on the power button to see if the console turns on or not.

Check the Controller of Xbox Series X

Frequent connectivity is another issue that creates a halt in starting an Xbox series X. In such a case, a question arises: how to turn on the Xbox series S and X? Always use a controller that is fully synced with the console. Follow these steps to check out the controller:

  • Click on the power button.
  • Replace the battery from the controller.
  • Turn off the console.
  • Turn on the console using the controller.

When the Xbox series X won’t turn on with the controller, then there is some internal issue of hardware that the Xbox service center can only resolve.

How do you force restart an Xbox Series X?

Resetting or restarting an Xbox series X and S fixes many issues, including long loading time, poor performance and mic echo, etc. 

There are three common types of reset and reboot that include:

Hard reset

When Xbox series X freezes or locks during a gaming session, one needs to perform a ‘hard restart.’ To restart Xbox series X, one needs to hold the power button in front of the console for multiple seconds to power down the console entirely. Do not just tap the power button, as it will take the console into sleeping mode.

The console with the power button needs a boot to start it again. When the console is fully powered down, after rebooting, the logo of Xbox will display on the screen with some sound effects. 

  • Shut down the console by pressing the power button.
  • Release the power button once the console shuts off.
  • Unplug the console from power and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Plug the console again and turn it on again.

Soft reset

When someone leaves the console on all the time, it enters into a lower power mode. In such a situation, a soft reset once in a while can fix problems. A soft reset consists of two steps:

  1. By using the power button on the console
  2. By using the option of the on-screen menu

If anyone follows the first step, he should simply press the power button and release it. Be sure that the console shuts down and the video stops. Now, press the power button again; if the console turns on, a soft reset has been performed. 

If someone wants to opt for an on-screen menu option, then he should:

  • Push the guide button.
  • Click on Profile & System > Power
  • Choose Restart Console

Factory Reset

A factory reset removes all the data. This reset option is considered the last resort to fix problems. One has to reinstall all the system updates and download video games again. The step by step procedure includes:

  • Go to the Guide button and check for Profile and Settings > Settings
  • Click on System > Console info
  • Choose the Reset Console option
  • Now choose the option of RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for factory reset.


The abrupt shutdown or breakdown of Xbox series X often causes frustration. There can be many internal and external reasons behind the console crash. One can have meaningful information from this article on how to fix his Xbox at home with ease.

 We have discussed all the possible reasons and solutions for improving the glitches at home. If these steps do not work, one must contact the Xbox service center to resolve the issues. 

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