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Can’t Upload Pictures To Facebook

Each day, billions of people use social media, and a variety of problems can arise. So the problem may be coming from your end or even a technical problem with the platform. Facebook users are experiencing a common issue these days that they are unable to upload photos.

Several factors can trigger this problem.

Remember that sometimes Facebook temporarily blocks users from posting photos due to violation of community guidelines. So if Facebook restricts you due to that reason, then there is no solution for this. You have to wait till the date which is mentioned in the violation Notification.

Before discussing problems and possible solutions, it is necessary to know what types of images Facebook accepts. Facebook experiences problems with images exceeding 15MB and formats other than JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF & TIFF. For a successful photo upload to Facebook, you have to reduce the size of your image to 15MB or less and convert it to the formats mentioned above. Otherwise, you will run into problems.

If your image size is less than 15MB and the format is the same as shown above, and you are still experiencing issues, go ahead and follow these steps. These steps will solve your problem.

Using the Old Version of Facebook

Most of the time, whenever Facebook releases an update, older phones with old versions have problems. The most common issue that users complain about is that they cannot upload pictures to Facebook. To avoid issues, you have to update your Facebook app in the Playstore.

Update Facebook in order to prohibit pictures uploading issues

Clear Cache

Caches are small pieces of data that your phone downloads or installs whenever you visit a website or open an app. Occasionally, it may cause a problem in the app if it hasn’t been cleared for a long time. Therefore, removing the caches of the Facebook app may be the solution to your problem allowing pictures to be uploaded.

Internet Connection

The best way to upload photos to Facebook is to use a solid & stable internet connection connection. Otherwise, there can be issues when your internet connection is inconsistent. It is also observed that unstable internet connectivity causes problems only with uploading pictures but not in posting text.

Click here to check the stability of your internet connection.

Avoid Adblocker

If you are using an adblocker on your mobile device, be sure to exclude Facebook. The inclusion of Facebook in adblocker settings may cause problems in the Facebook app.

Best Quick Solutions

If you have tried all of the above steps, but your problem persists, you have to use Facebook Lite, an alternative to Facebook.

Use Facebook Lite:

There is a Facebook lite app that offers all of Facebook’s features with fewer technical requirements. It means that Facebook users with outdated phones, outdated versions, limited data plans, and poor connections can still access the platform. Download and install Facebook lite, then login with the same credentials you use on Facebook.

Can't upload pictures to Facebook

Use Desktop Mode

Through a desktop display, users can view their phones on an external display to provide an experience similar to one on a computer. In any mobile browser, there will be an option to show desktop mode on the settings page.



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