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Why Should You Choose To Order Custom Printed Boxes?

There are so many examples to help you with the decision. First off, all top brands are now converging towards custom printed boxes. To keep up with your competition, you must ensure that you are on the same page. Furthermore, the idea of made-to-order boxes will allow you to alter anything you dislike in them. From shape to size, it is all in your hands. Let us take an example from industry and use that to help our understanding.

Create Packaging In Any Shape, Size, Or Material Your Brand Requires

Shapes are pretty much the same as far as packaging goes. However, the measurements can be altered so that they appear unique. We usually see the industry’s rectangles and cubes as box shapes; however, some recent development has been made. Some boxes now are shaped like a hexagon, and we love it. You can use hexagon-shaped boxes to house any product, such as a candle. Not to mention the display box option used every day. 

To ensure that your product fits inside the box correctly, it is recommended to measure the product first. The best way to measure a product is by calculating its length x width x height. If, however, you are unsure of what the measurements of the box should be, ask your packaging supplier for assistance. 

What Materials Are Used To Create Packaging?

There are several material options for you to choose from. Depending on the requirement, you can choose from the list below;

White cardboard can be used to create a wide variety of packaging. There are thickness options and a wide range of styles to choose from. The thicknesses available usually start from 300 gsm or 12pt, similar to a small cereal box thickness. The next step would be 350 gsm (14pt), one of the most used cardboard thicknesses. 350 gsm or 14pt is similar to a large cereal box thickness. Furthermore, the thickness range goes all the way up to 550 gsm or 24pt.

If you are unsure what thickness to proceed with, let your packaging vendor take care of it. Just let them know your required measurements of the box and the end purpose of it, and they will handle it. You can also always look up other people’s reviews and make up your mind.

Corrugated material is what we generally see in our mail. The double sheeted brown-looking boxes that we use to ship products around the globe are made out of corrugated material. However, it is not recommended to use these boxes for retail purposes for two reasons. There is a severe minimum and maximum size threshold that the machines can handle. The cost to produce them is very high, and printing makes it skyrocket. This is why corrugated material should only be used for mailers and shippers.

Go Eco-Friendly With Kraft Material

Kraft material is one of the very few eco-friendly options available out there. It probably is the only form of cardboard made from recycled paper. Almost all the features of white cardboard are available with kraft material with a few minor drawbacks. Nothing that can be worked around though. For reference, you cannot print a full-color gradient design on kraft because it tends to absorb ink. The way around that is to use solid color designs, including no more than three colors. The design should also be kept simple and minimal, with the least amount of merging and blending. There are two thickness options available with kraft, and those are 300 gsm (12pt) and 350 gsm (14pt). It should also be mentioned here that kraft packaging boxes are never laminated because that will void their eco-friendly nature.

What Is The Finest Material Option For Premium Packaging

Finally, we have the rigid box family, representing the most premium box kinds. To help you better understand, we present an example of a much-seen product known as the iPhone. Phone boxes are a rigid material category; you can notice how fine they appear and feel to the touch. Many box styles are in the rigid category; however, the cost to create them is far higher than any other. Since most of these rigid boxes are made by hand, there are some time-related issues with larger orders. A lid-off rigid box is the most common box style used by many industries, including cosmetics. Then there is the magnetic closure box, available in two categories. A magnetic closure box shipped completely assembled (higher end of the price spectrum), and another would be a flat shipped magnetic closure box. The flat shipped magnetic box requires minimal assembly at your end, but the cost leans towards the mid-end of the price spectrum.


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