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How to Style Curly Twist Hair: A blog around Curly Twist hairstyles

Over the past year, we have seen more women rocking natural hairstyles like Curly Twists. With the increase in Natural Hair, we have also seen a rise in hair product brands that support and encourage natural hairstyles like Curly Twist.

A Curly passion twist hairstyle has created by twisting and binding sections of hair in a similar way that a rope is made. This creates an aesthetically pleasing hairstyle that is simple to style and maintains.

This blog will draw focus on the Curly Twist hairstyle. We will look at how to style the hairstyle and different.

1. Start with a clean, moisturized scalp and hair

There are many methods for styling curly twist hair. Depending on your hair type, you may have to adjust your method. For curly hair, you should clean it before starting to wash it first. You should use a shampoo formulated for curly hair when you wash it. It’s better to use a shampoo that has natural ingredients.

2. Gather the hair

You must gather your hair in sections to style it into twists. You can use a comb or a brush to gather the hair, depending on what will work best. Now, this is not a hairstyle in that you can throw your hair up in a ponytail, so you will have to take the time to pull your hair into sections.

3. Separate the hair into four sections, top and side part, left and right part

You will be doing the Roll and Twist method, a basic method to start with when doing twist hairstyles. The first step is to separate the hair into four sections, top and side parts left and right. After you have separated the hair, separate each section even more into four smaller sections.

4. Separate the hair on each section into two sections and braid each section

Take three strands from the left section and three from the right section. Then take one strand from the left and right sections and cross them over the middle of the three strands you took. Then add the two strands taken out of the section to join the three strands in the middle. Repeat this process until the entire head has braided.

5. After the braids are done, gather the hair at the back of your head and secure

After the braids are done, gather the hair at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. Divide the hair into four sections and begin to create a curly twist. To create the twist, hold the hair tightly and wrap it around the fingers and hair from the roots up to the ends, twisting away from your face. Once you reach the ends, secure the hair with a bobby pin.

6. Secure hair with a hair elastic

There are a few ways to secure your curly extensions or weave, but the easiest and most efficient is with a hair elastic. Hair elastics are elastic bands placed around your hair to secure it conveniently. Elastics can be found at your local drugstore and often come in a pack of 100 for only a couple of dollars. They come in various colors and are made to be comfortable around your hair without damaging or pulling it out.


Different Curly Twist hairstyles can create, depending on the size of the Curly Twist. Curly hair is easy to maintain but very hard to style. You can achieve the perfect style with the right products like Hair Extensions and a bit of practice. Curly twist hairstyles are amazing for every season. Try them for your next special occasion.


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