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Top 10 Coloring Pages for American kids

The United States of America is one spectacular country that everyone loves to know about. In this article, we will enlighten American kids and others about 10 US coloring pages to intimate them on the rich history and culture of the Great country. Pay attention!

1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom in America. It is a popular subject for kid’s coloring pages as it introduces kids to this monument through a colorful fun activity. 

These coloring pages have images or pictures of this monument. Kids can have fun as they play with crayons and coloring tools. Filling the images with the suitable colors helps kids to learn how to color neatly within the lines.e. Also, kids can develop various skills such as color recognition, hand-eye coordination and comprehension which enhances their artistic abilities.

 The free online printable coloring pages feature simple words and sentences, such as ‘liberty’, ‘America’ and ‘New York’  with the name of the monument to build up Kids’ vocabulary skills. These coloring pages provide the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the United States of America.  

2. The Flag of United States

The American flag shows the United States’ true identity and long history.Oh! We shouldn’t forget that each element on the flag symbolizes an idea and has to be painted in an exact color. The 13 Stripes are separated into seven red stripes and six white stripes which is  the original thirteen colonies that made up the United States of America. The 50 Stars represent each state in America.The Color Red represents hardiness and valor, White means  purity and innocence and Blue represents perseverance and justice in America. 

Kids will be required to use only the color codes to bring out the beauty of the American flag. The color is  red, blue and white for the flag and other bright hues for the other elements in the images to create a good looking flag that celebrates America. 

3. Happy 4th of July coloring pages

The 4th of July in the United States of America  is a day of celebration and fireworks. The day is set aside to mark the Independence Day of the greatest nation in the world. The 4th of July coloring pages enable kids to celebrate the magic and rich history of American Independence Day.

There are also images of the flag, fireworks, word art, ice cream, Uncle Sam hats, freedom bells, and many more. The pages can be printed or downloaded as desired. Although, the images may be complex to color but will challenge kids to improve their coloring skills. 

Happy 4th of july coloring pages enable kids to build a patriotic spirit, have fun and celebrate their dear nation with such a good colorful activity. They can use the predominant colors of blue, white and red as well as experiment with other bright hues to really brighten up the images colorfully. 

4. States flower coloring pages

State flower coloring pages show off the beauty of the United States . The flowers are the gamut from roses to cactus blossoms to pine cones which appears in a spectacular rainbow of colors. The most outstanding and popular choice for state flower is the violet. States like Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin have all chosen varieties of the violet as their official state flower.

Kids love the beauty of flowers as things that can be found in their environment. They will enjoy the collection of state flower coloring pages. The flower images can be printed or downloaded and colored with crayons, pencils, or pens as well as the appropriate colors to make the images look vibrant. These coloring pages offer kids an amazing and  artistic way to learn more about the United States of America. 

5. George Washington coloring pages

This is a lucky president to have a capital and a state named after him as a truly accomplished and extraordinary achiever. These coloring pages will enlighten kids about this great personality. They can celebrate the presidential history of George Washington with our collection of coloring pages. The article includes memorable scenes and events from the life of the first President of America, including his battle with the British against the French in 1754 and his appointment in the Continental Army as the commander-in-chief.

Printable George Washington coloring pages are perfect to color while the President’s Day or any time your kid wants to color. You can also print out our coloring pages for your kid’s school project.

6. Liberty Bell coloring pages

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of US independence and one of the  country’s most well-known symbols.The Liberty Bell was  previously called the State House Bell or Old State House Bell located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was cast with the lettering “Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof”, a Biblical reference from the Book of Leviticus (25:10)

These coloring pages can be colored  for Fourth of July or as a US history project or at any time. Kids can also use this opportunity to learn more about the history of the Liberty.

7. Great Seal of the US Coloring Pages

AThe Great seal Of the USA committee was set up to design the Great Seal on July 4th 1776, the day America declared its independence.  The seal is a symbol of America that has the eagle,stripes, cloud and so on. 

These coloring pages will enlighten kids on a great symbol that shows America history and journey to freedom. They have to  use the right colors on the  Great Seal of the US Coloring Page which can  make a perfect project cover or a fun activity. 

The red and white stripes of the shield represent the states united under and supporting the blue, which represents the President and Congress. The color white is a symbol of purity and innocence; red represents hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The appropriate colors must be used to bring out the beauty of this symbol. 

8. Mount Rushmore Coloring

Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota and features the images of  heads of 4 US Presidents which are; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into the side. 

Kids can color Mount Rushmore coloring pages by studying the original image to select the appropriate colors for the images on the pages. It can be colored for President’s Day or as part of a study on US History or as a learning and fun activity. 

9. Revere’s Ride Coloring

Revere’s Ride Coloring pages has the images of the hero of Henry Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”. In 1775,  Paul Revere famously rode through the night to warn that the British were evading their territory. 

Kids have the opportunity to color that famous ride, the hero and other elements in the background.

10. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring pages.

Oh! Kids love a delicious plate of turkey on Thanksgiving day. These Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages will make  kids excited about Thanksgiving from the very little ones to the older kids. 

These turkey coloring pages can be printed out and colored using the key code below to bring the dark turkey to a colorful one. 


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