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Return of Aunt Jackie’s

Most hairdressers suggest that women apply a masque or deep treatment on their hair once a week, yet few of us follow their recommendations. It’s a little more enjoyable to do so now that aunt jackie’s has introduced a new range of conditioning masques developed to aid with some of our most common hair problems and are branded with very charming names to match.

The Butter Fusions Collection consists of five masques formulated with a unique combination of nutrients and oils to battle issues such as the dry scalp, heat damage, dryness, and hair development. The masques are available in five different scents. What’s great about the masques (aside from the ingredients) is that you can use them for as little as five minutes and still see results. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave the treatment on for 10 minutes if you want even deeper conditioning – or sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes with the thermal repair masque.

By Ann-Derrick Gaillot:

None of the masques include drying alcohols or pore-clogging chemicals like mineral oil or petrolatum, making them ideal for attaining your hair goals in 2020. We got to check out the new collection in January while on Aunt Jackie’s Curls’ trip in Mexico. It took me two viewings to figure it out. Aunt Jackie arrived in the new Roseanne reboot, clad in a knit sweater masterpiece that brought back pleasant memories. An enormous yellow school bus packed with pupils sits at the field’s edge. Roseanne was never one of my favorite TV shows growing up. My upbringing included visits to the homes of the Winslows, Cosbys, Will Smith, and the Banks family.

So when the news of the Roseanne remake initially broke, I felt completely out of the loop and misinformed. 


It took a few episodes for me to discover who Aunt Jackie was in all her tomboy, thrift store chic glory. Her ability to change from a purple jumpsuit with white high heels to a perfectly cut green shirt and roomy pants in seconds wowed me. She was both my dream 90s fashionista and a kitschy-cool primary school art instructor. https://wigoos.com/collections/aunt-jackies Jackie embodied my favorite aspects of fashion with her white high heels, large coat, denim jacket, and beautifully knit sweater.

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