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7 Best On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO techniques

What is On-Page SEO?

The process of creating relevant webpage content & following the most important aspect of online marketing which is SEO optimization on each web-page to grab traffic from search engines is called On-Page SEO. It also alludes to HTML source code including instructive content.

What is Off-Page SEO?

As Opposite of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO alludes to the effective marketing of web pages through external promotional factors, backlinks & the ratio of exhibition one’s content gets on social media platforms & marketing by influencers. Its like the operation of optimization through the outer areas of your website.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Just like any other process of building roots in different areas of work, The On-Page SEO includes effective techniques to create quality content that defines one’s passion to run a helpful website for the audience & also run SEO related campaigns successfully all by one self & within the boundaries of website

We’ve come up with the best guide about On-Page SEO that will definitely help one to get higher ranking on search engine pages.

Quality is the Roots of Content

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
On-Page SEO

Quality content can perform better on search engine pages with or without SEO. However, SEO polishes your webpages to gain additional organic traffic.

It’s important to keep in mind that the more original content you make the more audience you grab. So content made of original infographics, images, videos, text or gifs having no plagiarism is the first & major aspect of useful On-Page SEO.

Long word-count articles are believed to accomplish greater ranking than short articles, so it’s better to keep notes about it as well.

Lastly, well-researched articles put a greater impact on both, users & search engines, so try to be relevant & helpful by answering questions in your article.

Article SEO

The optimization of your content is a part of On-Page SEO, by putting targeted keywords in the right place, the content can be optimized effectively. So before publishing your content, keep high notes about the competition your chosen keywords hold.

In addition, it’s is important to know what terms users are searching for frequently, know their searches & create content that helps them.

Once the main keyword is finalized, make another list of sub-keywords also known as LSI keywords that are not only related to your content but the topic of your website entirely. WHY? Because the Google algorithms have evolved by time & they look for the keywords that are relevant to the topic to know about your website & its purpose in depth. So in order to match your content with broad categories the relevant keywords AKA LSI keywords usage is so important.

There are many ways to find LSI keywords to your content. Here are few of them.

Google Suggest

The most used way is Google Suggest. When a word is entered in search query Google suggests various words related to the intended keyword, that’s how you can know about LSI keywords to your content.

Related Searches

Below the search query, Google gives Related Searches that is another great way to extend your list of LSI keywords.


Uber-Suggest is a free tool used to know the keywords & their competition ratio that helps you achieve hundreds of keywords that can help you rank your web page content.

External Links within webpages

Have you ever thought of giving backlinks to other web pages within your website content?

 For example, you have written an article about the best vacation spots in the world & you backlink to high quality & famous webpage that guides about the best hotels & their booking procedures within the same locations, you mentioned in your content.

The external linking of high-quality websites within your webpage will give direct traffic from the search engines when the audience of that website will search for its webpages and your backlinks & optimized content will come within results because you interlinked their webpage in your content.

 And this gives another smart technique of adding links of your other web pages in your page content that will be definitely reviewed by search engines. Don’t forget to add links to your important pages to let the search engines know the specialty of your website.

 So this is considered to be the most important thing in On-Page SEO because it gives your article & website an authentic check by Google Algorithms.

Take Notes

• it’s better to keep fewer links (10 – 15) and more content otherwise the users can be distracted.

• Links should be added in the body and not the sidebar or footer of your content.

• Use relevant & useful links otherwise, it can be a major downfall for your website in the sight of users as well as search engines.

Mobile Friendly Website

According to Google analytics 60% of searches on Google are done through mobile phones. So if your website isn’t mobile-friendly it can be a major drawback & you can lose half of your potential traffic before they even reach your web pages.

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

To check if your website is mobile friendly go to the Google mobile-friendly tool & set it accordingly. You can further test your website through a mobile phone to make sure everything is displayed accordingly including CTA buttons.

 Link to Google mobile-friendly tool:

Off-Page SEO Techniques

The implementation of Off-Page SEO techniques promises trust from search engines & users clear check for relevancy & it could be well known in the industry. Rise in Page Rank system, more traffic, tags by social media platforms & more exposure. However, Off-Page SEO always comes after On-Page SEO, That’s why the techniques can be only applied after the web page is created keeping the On-Page techniques in mind & following them accordingly.  which is obvious.

Here is a set of few techniques of Off-Page SEO, we made to lend a helping hand in order to build off page SEO for your website.

Stay active & Build Relations.

Being on the web promotes you along with your website. Let’s take coco-cola & KFC. Every individual on earth most probably know about it because their marketing strategies are great & unbeatable. They satisfy their customers ‘ needs like no one. And it only comes with dedication & hard work.

Think about easy ways to communicate with search engines & users. Well implemented Off-page SEO techniques increase authority & reputation. Learn to understand your targeted customers, define them & their informational queries through your web page content.

There’s another technique that’s similar to stating active on the web. Build contacts with webmasters & influencers. Whether they’re not famous or still progressing.

It’s better to give then take, follow the strategy here. Make content & feature them in your content, give them a chance to be impressed by you. Don’t go over-friendly with them but stay in touch.

Ask for their advice & tell them about your future projects & smartly link them to you topics. They may collaborate & add backlinks to your content if they like it.

Let’s give you an example.

You write an article called “10 great influencer & their success stories” & give external links within your webpage. Not only the influencers will appreciate you for writing about them but they also give exposure to your post on their websites. Hence greater organic traffic as well as relations that can bring more power to your website in the future.

RSS Subscription Box

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. The new brand/services website or bloggers keep the RSS subscription box on their feed. The potential client then subscribes to your website by entering their email, which further provides information in XML format. This is a source to communicate with your subscribers & also promote your website’s updates, blog posts through mailing in XML format.

This not only builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your subscriber & satisfy the user by the continuous arrival of updates, news & data without visiting the website individually but also bring potential subscribers recommended by your permanent users.

Commenting on famous Blogs

This is one of the smart Off-Page SEO techniques that unsurprisingly drives the audience to your website & give SERP ranking.

How to do blog commenting?

• First of all Search for websites that are based on the broad niche related to your website.

• Now look for web page content within that website, that either you have on your website or relates to any of your content’s topic.

• Be straight forward in the comment, relevant to the topic. Comment your point of view & perceptions  & relevantly mention your services/brand in the body section, if there’s any tips or hacks that your blog post contains add them as well & you will have guaranteed organic traffic.

This is how the On-Page and Off-Page SEO is applied. The techniques that hold the potential to make your website does wonders within months will not disappoint you. We are glad to bring a positive change through our content. Plus if you really wish to have a better direction in the industry follow each instruction accordingly.

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