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Best SEO Tips For Bloggers That Works 2021

SEO Tips For Bloggers

Making a website & maintaining, It’s one of the difficult jobs one can do, but if you follow the basic steps of this post SEO tips for bloggers then it will change your mind. Let’s start understanding basic things. The website needs TRAFFIC. By traffic, it’s meant the number of visitors an average website makes in a day/week/month. There are various services that offer paid placement and huge traffic. Like 20 clicks per hour & whatnot. Many bloggers pay high amounts to get their promotions done.

They rank on top. But doesn’t it look inorganic? People avoid ads on search engines mostly. They often scroll down and click the pages that don’t have the ad sign above. Besides that “Search” is believed to be the source of huge traffic on a web-page. But a search on its own can’t bring traffic till one finds something like SEO. Though SEO can be expensive at times as well. But it’s worth it as it gives unpaid visitors by organic ways rather than paid who come after paying for services.

SEO Tips For Bloggers
SEO Tips For Bloggers

SEO, an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a procedure to bring traffic/visitors to a website or a web-page. By motivating & increasing the quality, quantity & usefulness of website-content.

Importance of SEO

In today’s competitive world. Seo marketing is the most important part of running a good online website. Search engines help millions of users a day to find answers to their questions & solutions.

If one have a website or blog. SEO will help it grow and meet the objectives of a good, useful website content.

This way it will help the user trust your website and increase the usability of content.
For an organic social promotion, SEO is a big help. As blogger follow the tactics, users will indirectly promote through social app if they like the content.

Functions of SEO

Search engine optimization improves the number of traffic by following a few instructions. And encourages to exclude paid traffic & placement to rank on top.

There are many SEO websites that help one’s writing to meet top rank website standards. By giving an option of on-site editing.

Here’s how SEO ranks you in top 5 searches

Yoast SEO is another free content analysis website. Where one can check and get their content approved through it.

It optimizes for keywords, synonyms & key phrases.

It has scheme.org by which google & other social media know what the website is about. By putting information the right way.

It also keeps eyes on all your pages & doesn’t let the content go un-updated.

It helps avoid confusing google with copied content by getting canonical URLs for the website.

Yoast Seo makes sure the website’s technical configuration is always there to catch search engines attention.

Lastly, YoastSeo online analysis tool is available on it’s official website. It give a notepad with various options to put an article in right format/manner. A list of indications is already given. beside each instruction, there’s a dot which turns green when the content is matching SEO requirements.

There is a premium version of Yoast Seo that gives advance features as well as the mentioned ones too.

Site Ranking Techniques SEO

Follow these techniques to improve your Seo. Watch your website crossing highest ranked website on search engine:

Publish Pertinent content

There could never be no substitute for quality content writing.

Its mainly to benefit your visitors, so making a useful content not only gains their trust, improves website’s authority but generates traffic also. Makes sure the content you issue has useful information, knowledge to make any specific thing work and it’s detailed history. Repeat keywords in every paragraph of content. Or at least in opening & closing paragraph twice or thrice. Sometimes keeping content readable, simple gives it better ranks than those articles where information is exaggerated but doesn’t sound useful. Keep your writing style natural and bring flow in writing. Make it convenient for everyone to read & understand.

content is king
SEO tips for bloggers

Keywords Phrases

Make a specific keyword phrase for each page on your website and think of most common words that are being used on every specific page of your site and that the user will search through search engines.

For example

How to apply at specific university

What is solar system

Recipe of chocolate brownie

Auto cars Insurance . Etc.

This way your webpage will rank on top 5 links on search engine.

Placement of keyword Phrases

Once your keyword phrases are marked. Make up your mind for three actions.

  • Use all keywords phrases possibly in the URL of website’s specific page.
  • Try to use keyword phrases in page’s title.
  • Lastly, try to use keyword phrases in headings & subheading.

Be user friendly and this will improve website ‘s ranking.

Beside this, one doesn’t have to repeat keyword phrases it might take away websites surety from visitors & look too exaggerated.

Content Updating regularly

In all of the SEO tips for bloggers, the most loved tip by Google is, always to stay attentive to the website and content. Set a schedule and edit your content accordingly. Keep checks on quality & quantity of content. Search engines most probably keep an eye on regularly updated websites. This way website’s relevancy increases in search engines sight. Hence the huge amount of visitors.

Update Content Regularly
seo tips for bloggers

Meta Data

Each page when the website is being designed contains a space between tags < > to enter the content of your page. Therefore it is important to keep checking and updating the metadata of the website or webpage as the content keeps changing on scheduled time.

Title Meta Data

This is when the search engine shows the title of website’s page on the top of browser’s tab. Which is called “Meta Data Title” It is metadata’s most important part. This adds to the technique of using keyword phrases as your page title. As mentioned above.

Meta Data Description

Whenever something is searched similar to one’s blog or website’s content, search engine shows a textual description with the link to that article which gives a concise & appealing description of what the page talks about. This is to encourage users to click on the link & visit the website. An acceptable meta data contains of maximum two sentences. Search engines don’t necessarily show each website’s description but it’s better to keep it just in case, one’s website is ranking on top someday.

Add relevant Links

Focus on creating appealing links to add to your article that is relevant to the ongoing topic. Using click here holds no value for search engines. And decreases the reliability of one’s content & website. As click here most often are scams and opens to site promoting irrelevant content. Using descriptive links with a flow in writing and keyword phrases create smooth reading and doesn’t distract the reader. And lastly improves your search engine optimization.

Add Relevant Links
seo tips for bloggers

Usage of alt Tags

Using alt tags for visuals as videos, pictures media description. It let’s search engines to locate the page’s location which can be crucial. For those as well who use screen readers.

Make content Appealing

Think about visitors when writing for website. The layout and how it’s going to catch their eyes.

Its good to write a briefly explained information on 10 pages. But it’s way more better to write one page with strong distracting heading and concise information.

Don’t let the reader click here and there. Keep your page simple. Understandable with medium font size that fits their Brower’s screen width and doesn’t cause unnecessary distractions.

These were a few of hundreds of techniques to improve Seo for blogger. Keep a check on each & every suggestion given in this topic & your website will definitely generate traffic in a short passage of time.
Good luck!

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