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Method to Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Are you looking for simple methods to install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool on your system? As you know, QuickBooks is the best accounting software and it helps startups and small and medium-sized businesses to handle their finances. Furthermore, QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is one such tool that helps to fix a wide variety of errors or issues QuickBooks in Pro, Payroll, and premier with the updates, download, and many more. If you want to know methods or more then read till the end.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can fix the multi-user and network errors when accessing the company file of QuickBooks. This is specially designed to resolve H series errors and 6000 series errors such as 6000 304, 6000 80, 6000 83. This tool is also known as QBNetDiagTool.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe, etc. There are the list of issues that encounters:-

  • When it is unable to connect QuickBooks to the database. 
  • Connection issue on QuickBooks Database. 
  • The firewall post issues. 

Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

There are the following steps to download and install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. follow the steps correctly:-

  • Initially, if you already have QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool then uninstall the previous version to install the latest version of this tool. 
  • Now, go to the official website of Intuit and start the downloading process by clicking on the download button. 
  • When the tool is downloaded successfully, then go to the location where you can save the configuration. 
  • After that, an installation dialog box will appear on your screen. 
  • Then, you have to accept the terms and conditions by just clicking on the I agree with the button. 
  • Now, press the next button. 
  • You have to follow the instructions that appear on your screen to finish the installation process of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Then, select the location where you want to save the installation files and it is best to save them on a C drive. 
  • Lastly, if this doesn’t open automatically then you have to go to the desktop and click on the QuickBooks icon to open it. 

How Does QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool Work

There are several parts in the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool that you can use. Now, let’s see the list:-

Diagnostic Connection Tab

In this tab, you can choose the file containing the issues by just selecting the file and clicking on the repair button. Then the file will be scanned and resolved automatically. 

Status of the Firewall

The basic configuration of the firewall is built on your window firewall also. So that, if your firewall has intact settings or not then you can compare the configurations and determine. 

Connectivity Testing

This tab will help you to check the system’s internet access. You can also create a connection between Intuit server and QuickBooks. Below are the steps how to use this tab:

  • To search your company file, click on the browser next to the company file line.
  • Then, click on the connectivity verification tab.
  • When it is over, you will see the status is shown red and green.

(Red means the error found and green means error not found)

  • Now, click on the “test Connectivity” tab.
  • If the file open status is red then there is a chance that the connectivity test will fail. If that case appears, then go to the “Advanced” tab and select “What do these mean?” From the drop-down menu.
  • To run the tool, you have to fix the appropriate status. Then, verify whether the issue is still there or not.

If the issue is resolved then when you open the “File Open Status”, on your system screen a message appears like “successful”.

Resolve Update Issue by Using QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can automatically identify and resolve the following issues or errors with the following components:- 

  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • C++

Solution 1

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is capable of troubleshooting the issues that are related to Microsoft .Net Framework, C++, and MSXML.

Solution 2

You can update the Windows by installing the missing updates that are related to .Net Framework, C++, and MSXML.

Solution 3

Next, you can resolve the issues by manually fixing the problem related to the Microsoft components.

Solution 4

You can also apply the Selective Startup to install the QuickBooks Desktop.

(Note that: The 4.0 variation software is the most recommended version that is available on site. When Intuit launched QuickBooks File Doctor Tool that has more powerful tools as well as advanced. 

Final Word!

In the above article, we discuss methods to Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. We hope that it will be helpful for you and may provide all the information that is useful to install this tool.6 Best toilet flushing toilet in 2022- review If you have any other issues or errors then check out some more posts also to troubleshoot them. 


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