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How COVID-19 is changing the world of beauty

Since the arrival of COVID-19 things have changed completely and its impact can be clearly seen on the people as well as the whole wide world. It was a huge and drastic change which no one would have predicted or expected. Things took a turn in a way that left everybody thinking about their lives and future. You can say that it was no less than an apocalypse. Everything has been changed since COVID-19 and people are now learning to adapt and live according to the new norms. 

COVID-19 has affected the world of beauty as well in many ways. The beauty industry has been shocked by the COVID-19 crisis. Sales were almost little to none. Now with such dilemma and crisis one had to come up with something to get their business running. So people started selling mask, sanitizer, and safety kit to help people in need and also to run their business. Furthermore these things were also the demand of that time. 

Beauty industry has faced many changes and crisis due to COVID-19 and still somehow manages to come out of those times with more power and has shown resilience. Although the sales in beauty industry were very low and if we look at the stats then in China the industry’s February sales fell up to 80 percent compared with 2019. In March, the year-on-year decline was 20 percent. Survey showed that people were bound to spend less on beauty products because of their already existing financial crisis due to COVID-19. And the consumer was more interested in buying other things like footwear and clothes rather than beauty products.

In order to keep the businesses running the owners of beauty industries narrowed down their search to two main factors that where and how beauty products are being sold and what is being purchased. In most foremost beauty-industry markets, in-store shopping accounted for up to 85 percent of beauty product purchases former to the COVID-19 crisis, with some deviation by subcategory. Furthermore, with the cessation of premium beauty-product outlets because of COVID-19, roughly 30 percent of the beauty-industry market was shut down.

The focus was shifted from in-store to online shopping and now the beauty product brands and retailers were trying to make maximum sales online as customer was more interested in online shopping rather than stepping out of their house in COVID-19 to go for shopping. With time many new products and methods were introduced to help people enjoy their beauty related products from the comfort of their home. And derma rollers were also the demand of many people as it was an easy and convenient way of keeping the skin safe from acne and marks. 

Derma roller is an easy and simple way to treat acne and acne scars.  Good thing is that it not only deals with acne scars but also helps in hyperpigmentation and fine lines and it also improves the surface of the skin. It is a facial technique that is very inn nowadays. It’s a roller with small needles on it. When rolled onto our facial skin in an orderly motion, create micro-injuries on the skin. It’s considered effective in treating minor scarring related to acne, wounds, and aging.

Derma roller helps in acne and skin discoloration and skin thickness. Due to its various benefits people opt for this method and are very helpful for them in the times like COVID-19 where it was difficult to go out to get such treatments done.

Given the actualities of working from home, physical distancing, and mask wearing, it has become less significant to wear makeup and fragrance. Because in COVID-19 people always tend to wear mask and apply sanitizer first while going out rather than wearing makeup and fragrance. Furthermore, people thought that it was pointless wearing makeup under the mask. The only part that is visible while wearing a mask are the eyes. 

In China, Alibaba reported eye-cosmetic sales increased 150 percent, month over month. Another famous trend is the rise of do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty care. Consumers are preceding services because of worries about close physical contact. As a result, DIY hair coloring, nail care, and care in other beauty categories are finding new customers. People find that more easy and safe to go for DIY beauty tips and hacks rather than getting in physical contact to get these things done. In the United States, Nielsen reported rises in the sales of hair dye and hair clippers by 23 and 166 percent.

Some changes subsequent from the COVID-19 crisis are expected to be long-lasting. Good thing to notice here is that despite the crisis in COVID-19, the world of beauty industry remained resilient and continue to flourish and providing its consumer services and products from the comfort of their home and they kept on bringing innovations in their products and sales. 

With COVID-19 affecting many industries and their businesses, beauty industry knew how to keep it going and they proved it overtime. 


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