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What are AA Meetings in Utah? What Can Alcohol Do to Your Body?

You consume alcohol. But what if alcohol starts consuming you? Sounds weird, eh? Well, this is happening to thousands of Americans at present. There is a term for this phenomenon – addiction. 

When a person is addicted to alcohol, it is not he or she who consumes alcohol as per their will. It is the alcohol that slowly starts consuming their thoughts, behavior, brain functions, and body systems. Now, they have no control over their will. They cannot stop drinking when they want to. 

If you or anybody you know has reached this stage of alcohol use, to be precise, abuse, please act now. Lest it would be too late because alcohol would begin to damage your body organs. Search for “AA meeting near me”.

What’s AA and its meeting?

The meetings are organized by the international fellowship named AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. When a bunch of alcoholics came together to fight their alcoholism and succeeded, they decided to carry forward their knowledge and assistance to other alcoholics around the globe. And they are succeeding. 

They organize AA meetings in Utah to bring together ex-alcoholics, alcoholics, therapists, and counselors on one platform. The aim is to help alcohol addicts de-addict themselves in a manner they stay sober for life. Only people who desire to quit drinking are eligible to attend these meetings. 

What can alcohol do to your body in the long run?

According to doctors, long-term alcohol use or too frequent binge drinking can lead to:

Liver disorders: The liver is the only organ that can heal and regenerate itself. But there’s a limit! If you continue to flood it with alcohol, it will be scarred and damaged permanently. Fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer are a few of the terrible disorders. 

Blood sugar disorders: Alcohol impacts sugar metabolism. Your glucose can go on a dangerous roller-coaster ride. Beware!

Heart disorders: Heavy drinking can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. 

Digestive disorders: Heavy drinking can cause pancreatitis, bleeding, ulcers, and esophageal disorders. 

Nerve disorders: Alcoholism can cause neuropathies, which may lead to reduced sensation in your feet. 

Bone disorders: Too much drinking can weaken your bones and make you more prone to broken bones and osteoporosis. 

Sexual disorders: Excessive drinking can make you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Pregnancy disorders: You may give birth to a baby with developmental problems or even undergo miscarriage. 

Cancer: Chronic alcoholism can increase the risk of cancers of the liver, mouth, esophagus, throat, and breast. 

Do you still want that drink? 

Addicts just can’t help it; they must drink, even if they want not to. That’s where the 12 steps of AA step in. Most of the Alcoholic Anonymous meetings urge members to follow each step thoroughly for successful recovery. 

If you or your loved one has an alcohol problem, do not delay in attending the meetings. It is never too late to change your life. 
The steps may seem daunting at first; but as you attend meetings, take therapies, and go through each step carefully, you will be surprised to see your sober self! To assist you is the Sobriety Calculator that counts your sober days accurately.


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