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Here’s How to Convert PDF to PNG: Easy PDF Tips

PNG PDF is a common name for businesses and offices. It’s the most reliable file format that professionals choose to handle their memos and documents such as contracts, inventories, and business letters.

Aside from that, it’s also more convenient because it can be viewed on any device. Because of this, it is most likely that almost all the files for your office are saved as PDF.

However, there are instances where a certain platform is requiring you to submit or upload a file in a different format. If you are publishing or posting it online, there is a high chance that the site will ask you to use an image file.

If you happen to have the raw file, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can just use it on the website. But, if you don’t have the image file anymore, what will you do?

How to convert PDF to PNG?

For files uploaded on a website, there is a high chance that the file format should either be PNG or JPG. Luckily, you can convert PDF to PNG online with just a few clicks.

Using an online PDF tool such as GogoPDF, you can create a PNG copy of your document and save it on your device. The first thing that you need to do is to access their website. Check out to convert PDF sodapdf.com/es/editar-pdf/.

Once you are already on the homepage, you just need to choose either PDF to PNG or PDF to JPG whichever is required. It will then bring you to another page where you need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Upload the PDF that you want to convert. You can use the Drag & Drop option on the website or you can manually select it from your computer.
  2. Automatically, the tool will give you a preview of how the file looks like.
  3. You can now make updates or changes to the document if needed. Once you are ready, you just need to select the button that says Convert.
  4. After about 2 minutes, depending on your file size, you can now download the image version of your PDF document. You can also use the URL provided on the site to share it with other users.

As easy and as convenient as that! You no longer need to sign up or log in to any account. GogoPDF is a free platform that offers a variety of features and services even for first-time users.

What else can you do with an online PDF tool?

Aside from converting PDF to an image format, there are also other features available on GogoPDF. Here are some of those:

Convert other files

It’s a great conversion platform to and from PDF. If you have a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or image file that you need to convert via PDF or vice versa, you can use this tool too.

Edit contents of PDF

Since PDFs cannot easily be edited using a Reader, you may need another software to update its contents. GogoPDF also offers editing tools to update the information on your documents. You can edit it the same way you’re editing an MS Word file.

Combine multiple files

If you have been using PDF for quite some time, there is a high chance that you already have a lot of these saved on your computer.

Make sure that they are organized with the help of GogoPDF. Using the Merge feature, you can combine multiple PDF files and save them as one document.


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