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Where To Find Affordable Eco-Friendly Packaging?

For many years, the lower availability and higher costs associated with eco-friendly packaging kept brands from making the switch. Rising consumer demand for sustainable product packaging is making these options more widely available and affordable, particularly when sourced through a flexible packaging provider that also does environmentally friendly digital printing. Find out where to find affordable and eco-friendly recyclable liquid pouches, flexible pouch packaging and rollstock.

What Is Post Consumer Recycled Plastic?

Packaging that contains some percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic can reduce usage of virgin or new materials. PCR films and materials are made primarily out of milk cartons, water bottles and other materials that have been diverted from landfills and converted into packaging for new commodities. 

According to the How2Recycle program, using PCR films can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions involved in producing packaging materials by about 15.25%. In addition to considering the source of eco-friendly packaging, consumables brands should also plan ahead for responsible disposal. Store drop-off programs often accept Mylar packaging and polyethylene films.

Package That Can Make A Change

A packaging service can recommend the most eco-friendly version of any style of packaging. For instance, it is possible to get stand up pouch packaging made of mono-material films that is easier to recycle than multi-material packaging. A number of choices are available with regard to recycled, recyclable and sustainable packaging to empower brands to decide how to make a change.

In addition to shrinking the carbon footprint of a business, switching out single-use and virgin packaging materials for recyclable or PCR materials also influences consumers and competitors. Many brands mention mindful choices about packaging materials in statements on sustainability. Eco-friendly packaging also reminds customers about the values and commitments of your brand every time they make a purchase or consume a product.

Balance Affordability and Sustainability

In the recent past, recyclable and sustainable packaging materials were so costly that it did not make sense for businesses to choose these materials over single-use and virgin packaging materials. Eco-friendly materials have gotten more affordable and accessible as increasing numbers of brands and consumers seek out these alternatives. Emerging technologies in this sector, such as compostable packaging, are still not as mainstream and can cost more than widely produced alternatives. 

A packaging provider works with businesses and consumables brands to strike the right balance between affordable and eco-friendly packaging. More sustainable product packaging options are available than ever before, and the prices of many of these materials are dropping as these packaging options rise in popularity and consumer preferences. Two-thirds of the global consumers polled in recent market research reported that they considered it important that the products they purchase come in recyclable packaging. 

Several factors determine the eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness of recyclable and sustainable packaging. It is important for brands to note that a growing percentage of consumers are seeking out products packaged in recycled, recyclable or sustainable materials. Brands that produce consumables should also factor in the indirect environmental savings made possible by PCR and recyclable packaging materials.


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