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Signs You Need Help from Hearing Specialists

When hearing issues begin to arise, individuals need to schedule testing to determine if they have hearing loss. Multiple problems may cause a loss of hearing. Being aware of the signs and how doctors treat hearing loss will help individuals protect the function of their ears and avoid additional loss of their hearing function.

Understanding the Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often comes on gradually, and a person may be unaware they have a problem until it worsens. Should anyone notice the following symptoms, they need to schedule testing with hearing specialists near me.

  • A person may find themselves consistently turning up the volume of their television or radio. Others may say the sound is too loud.
  • Individuals may find it challenging to follow conversations, especially when there is a lot of background noise.
  • People may feel forced to twist their neck or body to hear someone talking. Individuals often feel as if they must strain to hear others.
  • A person may not hear the phone or doorbell ringing. Those with severe hearing loss may miss their alarms sounding.
  • In social situations, people may feel drained after they have spent time trying to hear what everyone is saying and respond appropriately.

If any of the above is true of a person, seeking a hearing test is wise. Hearing tests measure how well a person hears different tones and decibel levels. Getting a proper diagnosis is essential for anyone suffering from the signs of hearing loss regardless of their age.

How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

Once someone is diagnosed with hearing loss, their treatment will depend on the type and severity of that loss. Sometimes, hearing loss is only temporary. Injuries to the ears, excessive wax, and ear infections may cause hearing loss to develop. Once these conditions are resolved, the person’s hearing ability returns to normal.

Some kinds of hearing loss may be treated with surgery. Doctors use surgical correction to correct abnormal bones. Those with chronic ear infections may require surgery for tube placement.

Many people need hearing aids for their hearing issues. Today’s hearing aids are much more effective and comfortable than those commonly seen in the past. Hearing aids are also smaller and can even be worn in such a way that they are practically undetectable by others.

Those who suffer from severe hearing loss may need surgical intervention to install a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants bypass the non-functional structures of the ear and, instead, stimulate the nerve involved in hearing. There are both risks and benefits to having a cochlear implant put in place.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Hearing loss is more likely to occur as a person ages, but it can happen at any age. When someone begins to notice the signs of hearing loss, they should schedule a hearing test. While most forms of hearing loss cannot be reversed, doctors can sometimes slow the progression of loss and help a person hear clearly again. With comprehensive hearing testing, individuals can discover their degree of hearing loss and any treatment options.


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