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Is Armenia a nice country?

In Armenia, everything is the most ancient – the mysterious monuments of Urartu, national cuisine, precious carpets and ornate toasts. The city on the rocks of Yerevan, rest on Lake Sevan and treatment at balneological resorts – everything about Armenia: map, photo and video, sanatoriums and prices. Everyone who loves something ancient must take a car lease in Yerevan and go to explore this beautiful and unique country.

Is Armenia a nice country?

“The best meat is on the bones, the best earth is on the stones,” this ancient Armenian proverb is endowed with a deep meaning. The stony soil of ancient Hayastan gives unusually generous fruits, the key word in describing which is “the most ancient”. Armenia is home to the renowned Urartu culture, whose texts have yet to be understood, three thousand years of gourmet traditions, and even the world’s oldest knotted carpet. The heiress of ancient Anatolia and the very first Christian country that exists on the planet today.

As of now, the number of visitors to Armenia has been consistently increasing year after year by around a quarter since 2001. Still would! After all, Armenia is duduk and barbecue, churchkhela and lavash, carpets and Lake Sevan, noble mountains and dense green forests, apricots, Ararat is cognac and mountain, hospitality, toasts. There are also numerous historic monasteries, which are popular tourist destinations – Tatev, Noravank, Haghartsin, and Geghard. However, the list can be long, but you need to see Armenia with your own eyes, taste it and enjoy its aromas.

Cities of Armenia.

Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, is an old and attractive city. The “Pink City” gets its name from the fact that most of the buildings are made of pink tuff. Yerevan is a small city that is easy to navigate on foot. Here are the ruins of an old Roman castle, a 16th-century Turkish fort, and a number of churches.

The second largest Armenian city is Gyumri. The “Black Fortress” of 1837, which defended the city during the Russian-Turkish war, has been preserved there, and not far from it is the picturesque Aparan reservoir. The city itself is very beautiful and green, there are quarters-reserves in which nothing has changed since the 19th century.

Ski resort Tsaghkadzor.

The most famous ski resort in Armenia – Tsaghkadzor – is located 40 km from Yerevan in the Marmarik valley. This is about 12 km of trails for any level of difficulty: there are for children and beginners, there are extreme ones with elevation changes up to 350 m. Not far from the slopes is the ancient Kecharis monastery complex of the 12th-13th centuries, and in sunny weather a very beautiful view of Sevan opens from the mountains and Ararat.


Armenia has a continental mountain climate, with hot and dry summers and cold, but harsh winters. A prominent altitudinal zonality with large temperature fluctuations even between towns that are near together is a distinguishing feature. The northern and southern fringes of Yerevan are frequently separated by a couple of degrees. Spring and early summer are the rainiest seasons.Therefore, whenever you are in the country and want to explore incredible places, you can rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia and start your unforgettable journey in Armenia.


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