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CBG Oil: Is It Really the New CBD?

Marijuana has come a long way, and from a pariah, it has now become quite a helper in the medicinal field. CBD benefits are being discovered every single day, and the variations of THC are being analyzed for their effects on anxiety. That being said, more and more research is being done, and researchers have come up with a new cannabinoid: cannabigerol, or simply, CBG.

What Is CBG, and what are its effects? Is it the same as CBD – and if not, what are the differences? How does it compare, and why do people seem to like it so much? Keep reading so that you stay informed on this new cannabinoid.

What Is CBD and How Is It Different?

CBG, just like CBD and CBN (find out what is CBN for), is a type of cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Most people refer to it as the “mother of cannabinoids,” due to its benefits and rarity. 

The cannabis plant has much smaller quantities of GBG as compared to other cannabinoids. For example, while THC is found in 25%-30% of the plant and CBD is found in 20%-25%, CBG is only found in about 1%.

Because of this, CBG tends to be more effective. That being said, while CBG is also non-psychoactive, the effects of CBG are slightly different. For instance, CBG can help those who are struggling with appetite loss and stomach issues, as well as neurological problems.

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBG?

Studies on CBG are still limited, but even so, it has already been suggested that CBG has great potential in treating disease. Here are the health conditions that CBD has proven to be helpful with:

  1. Huntington’s Disease

Studies done in 2015 on mice showed that CBG may have neuroprotective qualities. It slows down brain degeneration, treating neurodegenerative issues such as Huntington’s. One can assume that if it can help with such a disease, it can also help when it comes to diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

  1. Bladder Disease

Medical marijuana has shown to be quite effective in treating glaucoma, and experts believe CBG may have an important role in this. This is because it is believed CBG reduces intraocular pressure, which will help treat glaucoma or prevent it from spreading further. 

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Similar to CBD, CBG seems to be very efficient at reducing inflammation. This makes it an important ally when dealing with inflammatory bowel disease. Other stomach or intestinal issues may also be relieved by the consumption of CBG. 

  1. Bacterial Infection

CBG has the potential of killing bacteria, especially the Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which is resistant to methicillin. As these bacteria are very often resistant to drugs, it is very difficult to treat an infection, which can sometimes become life-threatening. CBG may reduce some of the associated dangers.

  1. Bladder Issues

Most bladder dysfunctions are caused by irregular bladder contractions that make you lose control of your bladder. CBG has shown potential in treating these dysfunctions, preventing those involuntary contractions. Therefore, if you have a problem with not being able to hold until you reach the toilet, then CBG may help you gain control over your bladder.

  1. Appetite Loss

Unlike CBD which usually helps you with your weight loss plans, CBG helps in the exact opposite field: helping you get your appetite back. The substance features appetite-stimulating chemicals, which can help improve the condition of patients dealing with cancer or HIV. 

  1. Cancer

CBG has also shown a fair amount of potential in dealing with cancer. A study from 2014 done on rats suggests that CBG can diminish the growth of cancer cells, as well as other tumor growths. Used together with the medication recommended by the doctor, it can reduce complications associated with cancer. 

  1. Skin Condition Improvement 

Recent studies show that CBG can reduce oxidative stress, which is responsible for a variety of skin problems. This should help reduce skin inflammation and improve your skin complexion, minimizing the apparition of acne. It also has the potential of reducing the signs of aging.

The Bottom Line

While studies are still being done on CBG, it shows great potential. Not only can it help with pain, but it can also help you with your overall complexion. Unlike CBD which mostly focuses on stress relief and inflammatory conditions, CBG helps with the bigger diseases. With further research, it might prove its name of “mother of all cannabinoids.”


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