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Different Types Of Braces You Should Be Aware Of

The human body is as strange as humans themselves. Something as small as teeth can be very significant and it can ruin your entire lifestyle if proper care is not taken. Though the teeth are tasked with food purposes, they are also considered a critical factor in a person’s appearance today. 

Having nice, white, healthy and robust teeth play an essential part in deciding what person looks good and who does not. Some people may have crooked teeth, and some might have alignment issues. To deal with these issues, they may need braces to put their teeth back in place to make them appear more attractive. However, there is more than one type of braces, and before you opt to go ahead and get one, you should have some knowledge about the different types of braces North York has to offer. 

Major types of Braces you should know:

  1. Metal braces

Metal braces are the eldest and most common types of braces that are available in the market. These braces are fixed on the patient’s teeth and are not removable, so one may never have to worry about forgetting to get them on time and again. Other than that, these braces need to be cleaned from time to time to avoid getting them dirty and to avoid the accumulation of germs. 

  1. Ceramic Braces

These braces are translucent ones that sit on the teeth comfortably and are less noticeable by others. They might be extensive, and if not cleaned properly from time to time, they may get stained. 

  1. Self-ligating braces

These easy to adjust braces are closely similar to metal and ceramic braces. These braces don’t require rubber ties and instead need doors or clips to stay in place. These braces can be fixed quickly and need shorter appointments with the dentist.

  1. Lingual Braces

These braces are the most different ones on the list. These braces sit behind the teeth and are invisible to others. These braces are gaining popularity, and orthodontists who deal in them have to learn to use them separately. 

  1. Clear Aligners

Braces in North York also has clear aligners for patients who might opt for these. These braces are transparent and removable, thus making cleaning them and teeth easier. They are also not very tight-fitting and cause less pain and trouble to the user. These are suitable to be used by people who have mild problems with their teeth or for people who have completed the braces period and are just following up on the correction process. 

The Bottom Line Dentists understand how teeth issues can become a severe issue for people. People must get proper consultation from a dentist or orthodontist before getting braces. Different issues in the teeth may require different types of Braces in North York, and some cases might not even need a brace specifically for solving the dental issue. It is necessary that a thorough check-up is done to make sure the best line of treatment is followed for a patient.


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