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BB Cream vs CC Cream: Which is Best for Your Skin Type?


The comparison between these two awesome creams for the facial skin would mean shunning out the benefit of the other. To choose from the best cc creams and bb creams it is essential to understand their properties. To start with, both of them are tinted moisturisers. Sometimes, these are used in replacement to the foundations and concealers for the normal skin types. The skin types having multiple spots, acne scars, lines and wrinkles need additional support of the foundations to get them subjugated for the sake of clear, even toned skin surface. Yet, this is rare as the creams can single handedly conceal these blemishes.

The BB creams or beauty balms are basically heavier than the light textured CC creams. Their coverage is always more than the CC creams or colour correcting creams. Usually, the BB creams have nourishing ingredients for the skin surface while the cc creams are a bit more oriented towards colour correction. But, the varieties of oil, serum and SPF numbered creams in both categories have blurred the lines between them. Thus both have their benefits to consider only after assessing the skin type and its requirements from the corresponding creams.


Do not get confused on how to use these creams on your facial skin. Firstly, choose the most suitable shade of the cream that goes with your jawline. The skin patch over the jawline is tight and reflects the most perfect skin tone you have. Creams chosen based on it will never let you down when it comes to make your makeup seem natural. Secondly, make sure the creams fulfill the needs of your skin, such as if it’s dry, go for oil based with hydrating serums present in it. If it is oily, cut out the oil based ones and instead go for oil free formulas such as the water based ones.

Then, to make the most out of the cream formula, dot it across the face, blend with a makeup sponge and patch up some more wherever required with makeup setting powder. Do not deck your facial skin with anymore of the cream if the blemishes are visible after this, instead make use of the concealer for the perfect finish. The creams have a mattifying finish smoother than the moisturiser and foundation layers of the conventional makeup routines. 

Beginning with a clear skin surface free from sebum and prior makeup residues is recommended for both the creams to work up the skin; for even tone free from all kinds of signs that are linked to aging and defective skin surface. Glycerine, Hyaluronic acid, natural extracts and essential oils for soothing the skin surface must be your priority while choosing the creams for dry skin types. These protect the skin from drying up and develop cracks in their layers that in turn protects the skin from external harm and reflects the best it has in store through your makeup products. The oily skin types can resort to the water based ones for smooth and dry skin texture, To know more click here.


The ingredients of the best bb and cc creams determine their purpose on your skin surface. Since the boundaries have come to merge, it is always sager to look into their composition and their specifications for the right cream for lively and youthful skin. 


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