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Best portable juicers in India – Cost-effective, best choice, best overall

Every day, you should eat a piece of fruit or vegetable. Healthy juices are an option if you’re not a lover of fruits or veggies. Most people now juice anything from spinach to apples to carrots because of the health advantages. However, with so many different juicer manufacturers on the market, it may be challenging to narrow your search to just a few that are right for you. All you need is the best portable juicer in India which is a high-quality juicer. You can create nutritious beverages whenever you want with only a little blender for smoothies.

Portable Juicer Cup with USB Charger by Jiyana

The best USB juicer in India, according to research, is the Jiyana Portable Electric Blender Juicer Cup. It has a 380ml plastic fruit juice grinder, so you can always have a full glass of juice on hand, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. With various colour choices to choose from, this one is easy to carry about and a breeze to use. Given that it’s tiny and lightweight, you’ll have no trouble transporting it.

With a 2000mAh rechargeable battery designed specifically for travel, this compact blender can be recharged using any USB device. To make cleaning more manageable, you may remove the juicer’s body from the base.

Usha on the Go Blender

When it comes to mixers, blenders, and juicers in India, Usha is a trusted name. They also sell a portable blender called the BL 3621, perfect for making smoothies and drinks on the go. To put it another way, it’s a sophisticated product with a 250-watt copper motor. Because the juicer’s container holds 600ml, you can easily make two glasses of juice at a time.

This company offers BPA-free bottles and a two-year guarantee on its merchandise. There will be no spills or leaks as long as the jar is secured with a safety lock. The razor-sharp blades may crush even ice. Within a minute, you may have a variety of fresh juices, shakes, and smoothies on the go. It is the best portable juicer in India.

Bluejack Pro Portable Juicer Mixer Grinder

After that, we’ve got the Bluejack Pro juicer mixer grinder on our list of the very finest portable juicers in India. This juicer comes in pretty pink colour and may be used for blending and storing juice, too. You may make and drink juice from the jar since it serves as a juicer cup. It’s safe for you to use. The 380ml jar holds the portable juicer, and a USB connection is included in the box.

It’s even portable and can be recharged anywhere: in your vehicle, on your smartphone, or via any other USB outlet, by using this juicer’s powerful motor technology results in finer grinding and greater wattage output. The jar is BPA-free, so you may use it to store baby food.

Automatic Portable Juicer Blender

It is the best portable juicer blender in India and is small and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. This 500ml portable juicer comes in various colours, including sky blue, violet, and green. This stainless-steel juicer uses a vertical cutting technique to extract the juice.

The juicer comes with a glass container, and an intriguing feature is that it can be attached to your backpack to carry it everywhere you go. Blender has a one-touch operation that makes using and cleaning a breeze. You may also use it as a bottle since the jar is removable and has a lid.

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