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A few best shifting smart moves

Some tricks and ideas to turn your home into a smart home

Have you ever fantasized about entering the house without having to use a key and having the lights turn on as you walk when they detect movement between the times you indicate? These and many other conveniences, once only imaginable in futuristic movies and books, are now commonplace in a smart home. Some time ago, home automation was a nuisance for both architects and house tenants. Today this set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of the home is well established and it is increasingly common to find it in homes.

Closely related to energy management, maintenance of security, comfort, and accessibility, home automation is no longer a matter reserved for people with high purchasing power. Here are some tips to turn your home into a smart home in a safe, efficient, and responsible way.

Connect your home to the Internet

The essential first step in getting a Small Moves for smart home shifting is to have an Internet connection. It seems obvious, but only through the network will we be able to connect the controller with all the devices that will become automated. The more powerful and faster the service, the better the handling of all these devices.

Create closed networks

For safe use of the Internet, it is recommended that home networks be kept private , not shared with others outside the home. In fact, for a more complete security you could implement a network apart from the usual one exclusively to connect the devices that we are going to automate. In addition, we could create a closed network for each of the areas that we are going to monitor (entertainment, heating, security, etc.), each with a different WLAN, all for the sake of greater security against hacking.

Choose your automation system

When choosing the system that you are going to install and the company that is going to take care of it, it is best that you take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Think that the ideal is that it is a simple system, one that you get used to quickly. In this way, remember that you must understand the language in which it is configured, that its installation does not require work and comes preconfigured, that its price is adjusted to your budget, that it has a guarantee, and that it allows your cohabitants, in case they have, access the system and use it independently, among other things.

Think about the systems you want to automate

The possibilities are very wide when it comes to automating home systems and appliances. There are those that we think of directly when we talk about smart homes, such as television, and other more specific ones that could interest us depending on the use we give them.

These are some of the many ideas that you can apply to modernize your home:

— Lighting system: smart lights are as attractive as they are varied in terms of price, as they come in many different types, sizes, and uses. Reflect on the rooms in which it is most necessary or interesting to place them.

— Heating system: there are smart energy meters or regulators that can be incorporated into any heating system, be it electric, oil, or gas. With them, both temperature and consumption can be regulated (setting schedules, maximum values ​​that can be reached…).

— Virtual assistants: they have been on the rise since Alexa, Siri or Cortana rose to fame. They facilitate the management of communications (telephone, mail, etc.), entertainment (television, music, digital platforms), and online purchases in a very easy and comfortable way. In addition, through a virtual assistant, you can control the home automation of the entire home from your own mobile phone.

Don’t be in a hurry

Nobody has said that you have to automate your entire house at once. Going from having a conventional home to a smart home is an important change that greatly modifies our daily lives. Therefore, it is something that you can do gradually, starting with the devices that suit you best and also depending on your budget. If it convinces you, you can automatize your home little by little until you get a real smart home with all the comforts.

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