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Wondering How To Solve Types Of Baldness? Read This!!

Hair loss, balding, hair thinning- do these words sound familiar?

Well! If you have chosen to click open this article, chances are you are already struggling to find better solutions to get rid of these unwanted guests.

Yes! Baldness and hair loss are not only unwanted rather unpredictable as well. The survey says it starts after the age of 50, while it may appear even before 25. When genetics and unhealthy lifestyle are to be blamed as possible causes, baldness shows its signs even in those with perfectly well-balanced lifestyles and no history of androgenetic alopecia.

Solution to Baldness

1. Medications

  • Minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the most prescribed hair regrowth medications that men and women can use. Medication promotes hair growth at a slower rate; thus, it can take up to six months for the hair to regrow.
  • Finasteride is another medicine that is widely used for promoting hair growth. It is mainly prescribed to men by doctors. It slows down the process of male pattern baldness.
  • Spironolactone is given to women for controlling female pattern baldness. It slows down the production of dihydrotestosterone in women.

2. Surgical Hair Treatments

  • The most common surgical treatment for hair regrowth is hair transplant. The physician takes hair strands from the donor’s site and moves them to areas with no hair regrowth to stimulate hair follicles.
  • Another surgical treatment is Hair PRP therapy or injections. The plasma from a person’s blood is taken and inserted at the site where hair regrowth is required. Plasma is rich in protein, and protein is said to be the building block; thus, it promotes hair regrowth.

3. Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

  • Non-surgical hair replacement units are not only affordable but also quick in action. A most common type of hair replacement system is a full wig. Wigs provide full coverage hence are ideal for covering baldness. The hair color, texture, and length can be adjusted according to the requirement, so a wig is a customized alternative to expensive surgical hair replacement therapies.
  • Hair toupees are lighter than wigs and provide medium to low coverage. Toupees do not cover the entire head, unlike wigs. These are custom hairpieces that lay flat above the head, and hair blends in smoothly with the natural hair, giving off a naturally fuller look.
  • Hair extensions are for women facing hair thinning or initial stages of balding. The extensions add extra volume and length.

Here is a quick summary of different solutions to baldness!!


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