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Make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your Husband

The day, lovers around the globe patiently wait for is just around the corner, yes you guessed it right! Valentine’s Day is here along with all the wonderful memories. You and your husband must have spent lots of Valentine’s together and each day has a special place in your heart. After spending years together, coming up with unique ideas for valentine gifts for their husband must be difficult, right? Well, don’t fret as we are here to help you out! We as your friends, have come up with some wonderfully unique ideas for you, use any or all of these to make this day of love special for your Humsafar. Now, just a fair warning, some of these ideas may seem a little cliché but hey! Cheesy expressions of love are nothing if not cliché. So, turn on the lovey-dovey mode with us and read on to explore your options.

A Romantic Movie Night– Watching movies together is honestly one of the simplest yet exciting experiences that you can share with your partner. Watching movies in public theatre has its own fun and perks but you know what would be even better? Putting a romantic movie night together for him. This valentine’s, instead of a romantic candlelight dinner, bring together a movie night for him, put on your comfy PJs, put in a lot of blankets and cushions in front of the television. You can go for the classic romantics like The Notebook and Titanic but if this is not the genre for you, you can go for whichever movie you both like.

A Grand Welcoming Surprise– They say that small gestures and things matter the most, which is true! But some days that are extremely special, that call for all the grand gestures from your end. This Valentine’s Day, welcome him home in the most romantic way. Go all out and decorate the entire home with candles and flowers, make the way with pretty rose petals, put on some soft romantic music, and get dressed in his favorite dress. You can set up the table with his favorite meal and bottle of champagne. All in all what we want to say is, This time GO GRAND!

A Relaxing Treatment– You of all people know how hard your sweetheart works, plan a relaxing day for him, and spoil him like never before. Put everything into it, from a soothing hot water bath with scented candles and amazing bath bombs to scrubs and face masks, give him the exquisite treatment and melt all his tiredness and troubles away. If you want, you can include a message into the mix later and make it even more happening if you know what we mean (wink, wink).

Go Creative– If you and your life partner are one of those artistic souls then there can ve no better way to celebrate this day. Whatever you both enjoy, do that together! If painting is what you like then buy a huge canvas and make that masterpiece that describes your love the best, you can even get your hands a little dirty and do potry together. If writing down your emotions soothes your heart, then express your feelings for him through poetry or you both can collab to create something unique together. The point is to do something together that connects you both in a unique bond.

A Trip Down Memory Lane– It’s been years since you both have been together, so why not relive some of the most joyous moments that bought you both together! Seeing as the occasion is Valentine’s, recreating your first Valentine’s Day together would be an excellent way to make him happy. Get him the same gift, go to the place where you both celebrated this incredible day for the first time. You can share old stories and while laughing at the old ones, you will create new memories full of love, jollity, and gratitude. If that is not your idea, then you can choose whichever day you like, your first trip together, the day he or you proposed, the place where you guys met, take your pick and get to planning right away.


To say that Valentine’s is an important day would be an understatement! This day is devoted to that one feeling that makes humans what they are, Love! When you get to feel this wonderful feeling for someone, you can consider yourself blessed as now you are more closer to someone as well as the god himself. This day is special in more ways than one, not only this celebrates the love people have for each other, it also is a tribute to a great Saint who sacrificed his life to spread love among mankind, so feel proud to pay your respects to him by saying “I Love You” as much as you can to those whom you love.


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