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Which Hospital is the Best for Spinal Surgery in India?

People who suffer from neck and back pain usually consult their family doctor first. Some also visit primary care physicians. But if consulting these doctors is not helping with the pain, you need to see a spine specialist.

Only after the spine specialist’s diagnosis can you understand the real reason for continuous pain in your neck or back. You can find spine surgeons in spine surgery hospitals in India easily.

It is reported that India sees more than 2 lakh cases of spinal diseases a year, out of which 30,000 are spinal cord injuries. Paralysis of various degrees affects Indians every year, and road accidents are major causes. And around 45% of these injuries are because of sports accidents.

How to find the best spine surgery hospital?

By following the below-given steps, you can identify some reputed spine surgery hospitals in India.

  • Look for recommendations
  • Ask for reviews from the patients
  • Only choose the ones with recognitions and awards
  • Choose a hospital that’s a reasonable distance from your home
  • The staff must be well trained and qualified with years of experience
  • Insurance companies must be able to connect to the hospital in case of emergencies
  • Availability of advanced types of equipment

Once you get in touch with the surgeon, you can expect to find the reasons for the pain and a solution for it. It is because spine surgeons have the experience of treating spinal disorders such as congenital abnormalities, infections, tumors, spinal deformity, fractured vertebrae, spine injuries, stenosis, herniated discs, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, etc.

Most spine surgeons are either neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons, and these specialists have fellowship-trained too.

If you want to find the best spine surgery hospital in India, you need to find the hospital with the best spine surgeons. The hospital surgeons make the difference, and without proper doctors, a hospital is not complete.

So, to find a great hospital for spine surgery, you must first find a good spine surgeon. But, how do you find a great spine surgeon? This article will help you understand the qualities of a spine surgeon. Read on, and you will learn what makes a surgeon of high caliber.

What to look for in a spine surgeon?

The patients need to be as involved as possible in their treatment. This includes the selection/choice of surgeons. Some hospital management allows the patient or patient’s family to choose the doctor, and there’s no problem with this preference. If you are allowed to choose the surgeon, here are some guidelines for the selection process:

Ensure that the surgeon is certified and has fellowship training

Many surgeons are just amateurs in spine surgery because years of experience and apprenticeship are required to master spine surgeries. Only select the ones with years of experience and certification.

Choose the surgeon who devotes their time in practice and treatment of spinal injuries.

Physicians usually focus on a few selected surgeries. If your surgeon is a specialized spine surgery and continuously tries to gain knowledge about spinal conditions, the surgeon is well versed with the surgery.

Ability to communicate

The surgeon may be highly skilled in the surgery and may have a high success rate in operations. But, if the surgeon cannot communicate properly with the patients, the patients may feel worried and uncomfortable.

A surgeon must be an excellent communicator to the patient and their family. The people must know what the surgeon thinks about the operation and how confident s/he is; only then can the patient and relatives be confident about the surgery. Finding the best surgeon is the way to find the best spine surgery hospitals in India.

If you find a surgeon with these two qualities, you can choose them without any worry.


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