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Sims 4 Expansion Packs guide

The Sims 4 is still new, but it’s really grown! There’s a lot of new and exciting stuff to get, but it can be hard to decide what to get first. Sims 4 Expansion Packs are some of the biggest offerings, with the most content and features. However, they also cost the most. Our guide will help you sort through what’s in each, and show you your buying options.

Your Sims needs more than just free time and a bed to call home — they need stuff. Expansion Packs are the perfect solution to this, as they add brand new features and functions to your game. For $39.99 you can unlock additional customization options and build up your Sim’s home with all sorts of household items.

Expansion Pack Get To Work

Work and Play: Get to work means playing too. The Sims 4 Get to Work allows you to follow your sims to work, and to control them throughout the day if you wish (if they’re on a career). It also adds three new careers — Doctor, Detective, and Scientist — to help your Sim hone their skills. You’ll also be able to run your own retail business, such as bakeries, bookstores, and boutiques.

Expansion Pack Get Together

Sims can make friends, socialise and bond with other Sims through clubs in Get Together. Create the coolest club in town, or even form a club with your pet. It’s up to you! You’ll get new game objects to add to your world, like foosball and darts, as well as brand new DJ-ing and dancing skills to impress everyone at the club!

Expansion Pack City Living

San Myshuno is one of the biggest expansions, including the city of San Myshuno, which allows your Sims to live in apartment buildings. The new Singing skill will be a blast to use! You can earn it by belting out tunes at karaoke bars, or by chatting with your new friends at cultural festivals, which you’ll have a chance to visit every now and then during your daily routine.

Expansion Pack Cats And Dogs

Cats & Dogs is a game that allows your Sims to build their very own dream dog or cat. From creating characters with one of eight different breeds and then coloring them to create a unique look, to training, grooming and socialising your pet for show competitions, this game features more ways than ever to enjoy caring for a pet! The key difference between these two is that the version that’s rewritten is easier for potential customers to read.

Expansion Pack Seasons

Seasons — not just for holidays now! Watch your Sims’ health change with the seasons, and guide them through the hardships of winter weather. Consider a new gardening career, and keep track of what your Sims are doing with a handy app. For the most part, friendly rewrites should be pretty straightforward. Keep it simple, and use common sense.

Expansion Pack Get Famous

You can’t be a gigantic celebrity, and you won’t have to be — your Sim doesn’t need to become famous to get what they want! The Get Famous expansion adds the Acting and Media Production skills, as well as the Actor career. Its tone is a little different from that of the base games — fame isn’t treated as something you must have, but instead will be accessible in gameplay.

Expansion Pack Island Living

Sulani Island is a new biome that brings all kinds of tropical island, oceanic fun to The Sims 4. It has beaches, jungles, and jungly beaches (contrary to popular belief, those do exist!) It also brings the exciting Conservationist career, as well as new jobs such as Diver, Fisherman, Surfer and much more.

Expansion Pack Discover University

The college life of Sims has been the stuff of legends for decades, and now you can give your Sims that same experience with the new expansion to The Sims 4. College is a place for friends, parties and of course, exploring your career path! Your Sims can study at two different universities, including dorm living and school spirit events.

Expansion Pack Eco Lifestyle

The Eco Lifestyle pack adds to the full, vibrant life you’ve been craving. Now, instead of just living your life, you can live your values. Are you an environmentalist? An animal lover? A fitness enthusiast? There’s a way to create the life you want with Eco Lifestyle. Take charge and make the most out of life — naturally!

Expansion Pack Snowy Escape

The Snowy Escape expansion for The Sims 4 is a tons of fun! It offers a variety of new activities, from snowboarding and skiing to hot springs. There’s also the Salaryman career, which grants Sims with an enviable paycheck. This expansion adds three new skills: Rock Climbing, Skiing and Snowboarding.

Expansion Pack Cottage Living

Cottage Living: The Sims meets your new farm. You can raise goats, chickens, llamas, and rabbits — but watch out for foxes on the hunt for your animals! Also, decorate your home with cross-stitched masterpieces. Cottage living is a great pastime and a way to keep your home warm and cozy — just don’t try to milk the goats!


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