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What is Money Counter Machine? Its Types, Working and Price

A money counter machine is a helpful gadget for banks and big shopping malls to avoid human error while counting cash. The counter machines are a piece of relief for both customer and the owner. These machines can be made of electronic or pure mechanical components. 

The first banknote-counting machine was introduced by De La Rue back in 1957. So, if we talk about the company that manufactures this machine for the first time, its name is Kokuei. Kokuei is a Japan-based company that manufactures the first machine and adds some positive value with each passing year. The counter machines are used for multiple purposes like banknote counters, coin counters, and even coin stores as well. A quick detail of all these types of machines is given in the upcoming paragraphs.

Types of Money Counter Machines

There are different types of counter machines available in the market. These are manufactured according to the requirement of customers. Like banks mostly need a counter machine for the counting of notes. On the other hand, some businesses need only a coin counter machine and a mixed money counter machine. 

Bill Counters

In such machines, the bills are placed on the top or backside. After counting the bills, the machines put the bills in front. Bill counter machines are great for all types of businesses, including large and small, as well as the banking industry. 

Using these machines, one can easily handle counting a lot of cash. This way, one can save potential customers time and leave a good impression. Moreover, the banking staff also use them to count and verify the checks originality.

Coin Counters

These machines work the same for the coins as the bill counter work for bills. You have just put the coins, and it will count the total number of coins and also tells about the total value of the amount on the screen. These counters are primarily used in businesses where the payment method is mainly in the coins, like laundromats. With this counter machine, one will remain busy for hours and thus gain productive time. So, it is better to go for these machines so that you get more time to handle the other matter of your business.

Mixed Money Counters

Mixed money counters come with all the above features for the bills and coins counter. Moreover, these also include another feature of detecting fake bills using ultraviolet detection technology. This way, you can easily ensure that the bills submitted by the customers are real or fake. Moreover, these machines allow your employees to perform and complete multiple tasks quickly.

How do Money Counter Machines Works?

All the money counter machines work efficiently and require a bit of human training for better performance and accurate results. For this, one needs to insert the bills into the machine, and the machine will count these bills and show the correct number of bills on the screen. The counters identify the denomination and produce a total by quickly detecting the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted.

Moreover, some counter machines also have a feature to detect counterfeit bills in them. This is done by illuminating the bills using a black light. This way, the symbols imprinted on the bills are florescent, and one can easily detect whether the bills are real or fake.

Price of Money Counter Machines

Finding the perfect counter machine with all the above features is not a piece of cake. It will take time and proper research as well. If we talk about the money counter price, it depends on your business’s nature, whether you’re running a small or large business. 

One thing keeps in mind; it is okay if the counter machines with a high budget will indeed work for your business. So, always select these machines wisely, which work better according to the sense of your business. If someone needs the counter machine only for counting the bills, they will surely go for a machine that performs a single task. Thus, the price of such machines will also be low compared to machines rich with multitasking abilities like counting and detecting fake bills.


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