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Three Home Hacks for Staying Warm This Winter

Winter is here and everything feels more difficult. In the morning, you’re scraping ice off your car, digging out all your scarves and hats, and hoping you can get to work on time. When the temperature drops, it can be tempting to turn the heating up. However, it will lead to massive energy bills, mainly due to the recent rise in gas and electricity costs. You might be trying to save money or be unable to spend executive amounts on heating costs. Don’t worry – you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to save money. There are alternative ways to warm your home, and yourself, this winter season. 

With snow and ice promising to stay longer, follow these top tips to keep warm and cosy this winter.

1. Treat Yourself to Draft Stoppers 

Cold air can easily find its way into your home via doorways, so investing in a draft stopper or door curtain can help prevent these unwanted drafts. 

The best part about draft stoppers is that they can be very fashionable, so you can always find one to suit the style of your home. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own. All you need is enough fabric to fit the length of your doorway, fill it with stuffing, and then sew it all together. 

It is important to note that it won’t prevent all cold drafts from entering your home – for example, when a door is opened. However, it will help keep a room toasty when closed. If you have drafts from your windows, you can do the same, and even stick bubble wrap to the glass to prevent the cold from coming through that way. 

2. Make Some Renovations 

Whilst this is a more time-consuming option, it is worth the effort and can help cut costs in the long run. Switching to heavy (and even thermal) curtains during the darker months can help keep the heat in your house, saving you money on your heating bills, as heat won’t escape through doors and windows. 

You could also invest in new radiators to make sure you’re getting maximum benefits. Companies such as warmrooms.co.uk ensure your home is as warm as possible for the best price. 

Finally, review the insulation in your house, especially the roof where heat escapes from via the attic. Insulation is crucial for keeping the heat in and the cold out, so consider this for your roof, walls, and floors. You can also consider double glazing for your windows, which is a conventional means of insulation. 

3. Go Old School 

Make sure you have cosy slippers, a dressing gown, and plenty of jumpers. Throughout the day, wear plenty of layers and make yourself a hot water bottle. These are cost-effective ways of staying warm without turning up your thermostat. In the evening, you can pre-warm your bed with the hot water bottle and even put your pajamas in the bed, so they’re warm when you get changed. Having some extra blankets for chilly nights is another great way to make your room cosy and help you stay warm.


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