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What is Dark Matter? 2 Latest Research’s

What Is Dark Matter?

What is Dark Matter?, The universe is not all about what naked eyes see. The human eye cannot observe many materials of the universe., Scientists say that around 70 per cent of universe mass came to existence due to unseen matters. The unobserved/unseen material doesn’t emit any light or energy and known as Dark matter. So the question about this bizarre ingredient is how it dominates?

Dark Matter
What is Dark Matter?

There are many unseen matters in the universe that cannot be observed. Since the 1920s, many practicals were done to detect the dark matter but none was successful. After so many conspiracies’ finally in 2015 Pieter Van Dokkum, a researcher at Yale University, identified the dark matter. The Van Dokkum along with his team identified a galaxy Darkfly44. The galaxy consists of around 99 per cent dark matter and is as big as the milky way.

Pieter van Dokkum was successful to identify that dark matter exist but fails to detect or examine any of the dark matter. The one per cent galaxy darkfly44 consists of planets and stars while the 99 per cent galaxy can’t be seen. This let the doors open for the astronomers to detect and search for the dark matter in space. The astronomers and different space agencies started proper research to detect dark matters.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

The dark matter for the creation of the universe is the most essential element. The scientist believes that without dark matter the existence of the universe is hardly possible. But the dark energy is also the unresolved theory. The dark matter and dark energy are opposite to each other. Many think that dark energy is similar to dark matter, but dark energy is entirely different. Just like the repelling force.

The Picture showing What is Dark Matter?
What is Dark Matter?

How Dark Matter Formed 

It’s really hard to detect the elements that combined to form dark matter Our universe is made up of baryonic matters. The baryonic matter composed of electrons, neutrons and protons that can be detected easily. The dark matter is unseen therefore it could be composed of non-baryonic matters.

Scientist Point of View

The scientists suggest that non-baryonic matter could be the one to compose dark matters.

The candidates for the dark matters were Neutrino, WIMPS, white dwarfs and brown dwarfs. The scientist studies the properties of each matter to choose the right candidate. Every candidate contains different properties. The scientist proposed the sterile neutrino as a perfect candidate for dark matter. The sterile neutrino is the type of neutrinos, they rarely interact with the normal matters and pass through the earth.

Detecting Dark Matters

Up till now. The scientist fails to detect the dark matter. Although various experiments are going on to detect the mysterious matter. In space, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has been operating to detect any dark matter particles since 2011. The AMS is designed to detect sensitive particles that aren’t detected from the common spectrometer. According to the AMS officials. They approximately tracked more than 100 billion cosmic rays but it could be too early to state that it is from dark matters.

Research On Earth

Scientists are also researching to detect dark matters on earth. Beneath a mountain in Italy, the research in the lab is on its way. According to the project spokesperson Elena Aprile, they are at the forefront to detect dark matter with the help of ultra-low background massive detector.  On the other hand, In South Dakota, the Large Underground Xenon Dark Matter Experiment (LUX) is also hunting for the interaction of xenon and WIMP.

Nasa Research

The Nasa a well-known U.S government agency is also researching for the dark matters. According to Nasa, the Fermi gamma-ray Space telescope is equipped with the latest technology that can detect high energy gamma rays expected to be emitted after the collision of dark matters. Nasa expects to resolve this theory soon with the help of its space telescope, the data collected is still insufficient to form any collision.

The Final Verdict

A hammer used in court to give final verdict about what is dark matter? or How dark matter was detected?
what is dark matter?

The Dark matter is the mystery of physics that is still unsolved. According to the research, the dark matter and the dark energy are both essential elements to balance the galaxy, although the scientists are still not able to prove the dark matter. The concept of dark matter exists after observing normal matters.

 According to the researchers, the normal matter doesn’t contain high energies and supported by other unseen matters probably the dark matters. There are still many questions that need a brief explanation. The modern-day scientists are conducting various research to detect dark matters. After the discovery of a dark galaxy, the things were more clear.

The physics is quite interesting but still, there are many hidden facts that need to be explored. The scientist says that they are very near and soon will explore the dark matter.

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