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Under Eye Bags Is a Nonsurgical Treatment For Black Dark Circles

Non-surgical treatments, such as injecting fillers under the eyes are an easy way to minimize bags and dark circles under the eyes. The fillers, which are typically made up of hyaluronic acid, aid in plumping the eye area while smoothing out hollows as well as reducing shadows. If administered by a professional with experience the procedure provides quick but efficient results, improving the appearance of the area under your eyes without surgery or prolonged downtime.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark circles around the eyes are caused by a variety of causes like fatigue, genetics or allergies. These can lead the blood vessels to dilate, or over pigmentation. Sleep deprivation and aging reduce the strength of the skin, causing an increase in the appearance. Fillers for under-eye bags is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes hyaluronic acids or other substances to boost volume and reduce hollows. It’s only temporary that addresses volume loss instead of the root source.

Genetics/Ethnic Background

One of the main reasons for dark circles can be genetic. Colored people including those of African origin, Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern backgrounds, can suffer from dark circles that are severe under their eyes because of problems with pigmentation caused by excessive melanin that they possess on their face. There are some who suffer from the condition known as genetic hyperpigmentation. In this case, only certain parts of the body can be darker than the rest.


As we get older our skin, particularly the skin that surrounds the eyes loses collagen and becomes thinner and more transparent. This is when the dark veins beneath the skin appear more prominent and can contribute towards the look of dark circles around the eyes. The eyes have hollow areas that are also prone to shadows that can make eyes appear tired.

Sun Exposure

Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause hyperpigmentation to worsen because it stimulates melanin production in the body, which makes dark circles appear more noticeable.


Dark circles may be the result of a variety of food and cosmetics, allergens at home or in work, and even hay fever. Therefore, the issue is usually referred to as “allergic shiners”. These allergies can trigger inflammation of the tissues around the eyes, which can cause an increase in the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin, which causes the dark-colored area to appear more prominent. Nasal congestion can cause dark circles due to the fact that it dilatrates, and then darkens veins that run from you eyes and into your nose. The excessive scratching or rubbing on the surface around your eyes may also lead to capillaries breaking and contribute to discoloration, too.

Diet/Lifestyle Choices

Many people are unaware that dark circles are result of a variety of choices they make in their lives. Lifestyle choices like not incorporating adequate amounts of nutrients and vitamins in their diet, not completing enough exercise, or not getting enough of sleep each night contributes to fatigued-looking dark circles. Smoking causes blood vessels to dilate making them appear swollen and impedes the flow of oxygen to the skin and makes veins appear dark and making dark circles more noticeable. As for the food we eat, having a lot of salty food causes our body to store water, which causes the veins beneath our skin to acquire an ethereal blue hue. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, caffeine or sugar may dry out the skin and body and cause puffiness of the eye area and accentuates the dark circles that appear.

Non Surgical Treatment For Dark Circles

In the first place, it is important to note that surgery for the eyelids cannot fix or erase dark circles because it is a matter of your skin’s pigmentation. It is possible to apply eye creams that can improve the appearance of dark circles under your eyes but remember that a majority of them are tinted moisturizers. They may improve the appearance of the skin, but the way that skin pigmentation is treated is a completely different matter. Because dark circle are caused by inexplicably circumstances like genetics or the blue tinge of blood vessels that are visible through the skin that is thin that surrounds the eyes creams for eyelashes will only help in a limited way. Laser treatments might be effective for those who have lighter skin tone; However, this procedure can only exacerbate the problem for those with darker skin.

If you are concerned about dark circles in the form of dark circles, when it comes to dark circles, Dr. Prasad stresses that proper moisturizing and hydrating of the skin is a crucial step. Most people don’t realize that unlike the skin of the other parts of our bodies the skin around our eyes is extremely delicate (only 0.5mm thin) and thus requires even more moisture. This is particularly relevant for women who wear eye makeup and expose their face to harsh astringents and removers for makeup every day. To combat this issue, Dr. Prasad developed Eye Rescue Eye Rescue, a product that is part of his own line of medical skin care that consists of a moisturizing agent and active ingredients specifically made specifically for the eye area’s skin.

Plasma Rich In Platelets (PRP)

Another method that can be used to treat dark circles is to make use the use of plasma-rich platelets (PRP). It is made from the blood of the patient and contains a variety of growth factors and regenerative ones. Because it’s derived from the patient it has a minimal chance that allergic reactions or other issues could develop. PRP helps to improve the production of collagen and increasing blood flow in areas where it’s lacking, which is great for people who suffer with dark circles caused by genetics. As the skin’s quality improves after PRP treatments and the skin of the eyelids is healthier and more supple. It is also beneficial for those with damaged or dry skin from lifestyle-related activities which require them to be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Dark Circles And Eye Bags

The fusion of a hyaluronic-acid filler such as Restylane as well as platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an approach that synergizes the effectiveness of both materials. The hyaluronic acid filler provides volume to the hollow space under the skin. PRP improves the thickness of skin. Because of PRP’s overall improvement in skin health and appearance, the skin beneath the eye gives a healthy glow and lustre. PRP can also improve volume. It is interesting to note that when hyaluronic acid and PRP is combined life span of both substances increases.

FRactional CO2 Laser Combination For Dark Circles

A thin, thin eyelid skin becoming increasingly thinner due to deteriorating skin’s quality can cause wrinkles. Dr. Prasad uses a skin quality improvement technique that incorporates the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Fractional CO2 Laser. Fractional CO2 lasers can enhance collagen production and remodelling in the face by stimulating it using the use of a minimal quantity of energy. If you apply too much heat or applying too much heat using the fractional CO2 Laser could reduce the thickness of skin and appearance, therefore it is essential to consult your physician about the safety limits of thermal devices. The wound healing properties of platelet-rich plasma boost blood supply and stimulates collagen regeneration within the lower eyelid area and makes the skin thicker.

PRP AND Blepharoplasty For Dark Circles Under Eye

Dark circles are often associated with puffy bags under the eyes. Although significant puffy eye bags can be eliminated surgically by the lower eyelid blepharoplasty procedure, dark circles aren’t removed by surgery. Plasma-rich platelets (PRP) is commonly utilized in conjunction with a lower blepharoplasty in order to reduce the dark circles and hollowing of the eyelids as well as speeding up the healing process of lower eyelid surgery and increasing the thickness and quality of the skin beneath the eyes.

Wrap Up

As a highly skilled specialist with a vast experience of more than 20 years, ranging from surgical and non-surgical treatments to the eye, Oculoplastic doctor Dr. Amiya Prasad stresses the importance of finding an eye surgeon who is skilled in these kinds of cosmetic procedures. He is highly knowledgeable about the intricate and delicate structures in the eyes. Although some of these procedures might appear, this is different when they are done. Check out our website and learn why many patients are looking to Dr. Prasad for non-surgical treatment for dark circles that appear around their eyes. For more details regarding our services and modern, luxurious facilities, check out our FAQ section or call us. We’ll be glad assist you with any queries that you have.Before making an appointment, you should take the time to have a private consultation in consultation with New York eyelid surgery specialist and Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad to determine the best procedure(s) to suit your particular situation.


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