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A Step-By-Step Guide to Receiving the USA Study Visa in Easy Steps

Every year, most international students apply to US universities to study full-time. However, to attend universities in the US, the student needs more than just good grades as a student visa. Well, obtaining a US study visa can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with proper guidance of the visa application process. 

In addition to this, provide you with a handful of tips and resources that you can use to ensure your visa application process proceeds smoothly. Understanding the visa type is important before applying for the visa. This will help you to know the category of your visa type. 

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A step-by-step guide to getting a US study visa:

  1. Apply and get accepted to a US institution 

The first step is to apply to a US university. Most full-time undergraduate and graduate schools in the United States need applications by December or January of each year. Moreover, as previously stated, the schools to which you apply must be approved by SEVP. Use the SEVP school search tool to identify a SEVP-approved school in the US.

  1. Receive I-20 or DS-2019

When you are accepted by the university, you will be given one of two forms: Form I-20 for F-1 and M-1 students, and Form DS-2019 or J-1 students. Further, your school will send you the necessary forms. Your SEVIS ID, school address, and other important program information will be included in your document. This form will be required for your visa interview and to pay specific fees. 

  1. Pay the SEVIS fee

Once you have received your I-20 or DS-2019 form from your school, you must pay the I-901 SEVIS fee online. This price is 350 USD for F-1/M-1 students and 220 USD for J-1 students. 

  1. Find the nearest US embassy

You must apply for your international student visa at the nearest US embassy. The US Department of State allows you to look for US embassies and consulates online. For additional information on what you’ll need to submit, see your embassy’s official website or contact them directly.

  1. Complete the DS-160 form online

Following that, fill out the Online Non-immigrant Visa Application, also known as Form DS-160. Make sure you have a passport, a visa photograph to upload, and an I-20 form to complete this form:

  1. Schedule your interview

After submitting Form DS-160, make contact with your nearest US embassy. Interview wait times differ based on the embassy. To check the wait times for your embassy, go to the US Visas website.

  1. Pay your visa application fee

Pay the 160 USD application fee next. Please keep in mind that the date you pay this charge will differ depending on your embassy. Although many embassies require applicants to pay an application fee before their interviews, this is not always the case. Additionally, your embassy should advise you on when and how to pay your visa application cost. If your embassy needs you to pay this charge before your interview, bring your receipt as proof of payment.

  1. Attend the visa interview

The interview is the most crucial factor in the visa application process. This interview will determine whether or not you will grant a student visa to the United States. Gather all the required documents on the interview day. Such as your passport, I-20, DS-160, educational certificates, appointment letter of interview, etc. 

Moreover, during the interview, the examiner will examine you based on your English language communication skills. These questions will primarily focus on why you want to study at this particular institution. Also, what do you plan to do on completion of the course? Respond clearly and concisely.

9. Receive your visa

After completion of all of the above requirements, you will receive your visa successfully.  The embassy will return your passport to you with your visa address. Please keep in mind that certain embassies will ask you to come in person to pick it up, whereas others will ship it back to you.

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Wrapping Up

On the whole, if you are thinking of applying for a study visa to the USA, then this post will help you a lot. By learning step by step guide of the visa application process, you can make your visa application journey smooth. 


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