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Types of Home Builders

When looking to build their first homes, many do not realize that there are different types of home builders Macedon Ranges.  What type of home builder you will need depends on your ability to pay what they ask and what you need in a new home?  They are essentially a general contractor but specialize in different types of home builders.  They can be categorized as custom builders, production builders, and semi-custom builders.

Custom Home Builders

A custom home builder Macedon Ranges is one that you would use if you wanted to have a one-of-a-kind home built.  For this type of home build, the price can be as much as $800,000 or more.  This home builder will give you a formal proposal for the facilitation of a design-build or home plan documents that are already done.  This is the type of home that will reflect your personality and personal lifestyle.  

The designs are generally one of a kind.  One of the biggest disadvantages of custom home builders Macedon Ranges is that these types of homes can be very expensive because of all the customizations.  They also require more time to be built on both the owner and the builder.  Sometimes with this type of home, it can take two or more years to build.

Production Home Builders

With this type of home builder, there is generally a standard set of plans for any new homes that are going to be built.  Generally, these are the homes that you would find in a subdivision or community.  These houses may be built as specs but in some cases, the owner can select a home and lot of their choosing to build the home on.  These are like “cookie-cutter” homes and are less expensive to build so most of them are alike.  

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One of the advantages of this type of home is that the decision which home and customizations are simplified, and the decision process is easier, so the construction is faster.  The disadvantage is that most of the time, the builders will not let the owner make any structural changes such as modifying the exterior or moving walls.  

Semi-construction Home Builders

These types of Gisborne home builders are a cross between a custom and production home builder.  They have standard home plans but do have the operational and architectural ability to make some modifications to their plans for an extra expense.  With this type of home builder, you can have the best of both worlds, with the ability to make changes, which makes it an alternative to a custom-built home at a less expensive price.

The disadvantage is that the owner will still have to purchase the home construction from the home plans that the builder provides.  Even with modifications, they are not going to be a one-of-a-kind construction home.


Before designing to build your new home, you will need to decide what type of home, cookie-cutter, some modifications, or custom-built home builder to ensure you get the home of your dreams.


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