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Tyan System Motherboard S8026GM2NRE Review – Specs & Features

A motherboard is the most vital circuit board in a computer system. All of your system’s components are internally connected to this device. It is found on every desktop and laptop PC. Also, the external peripherals attached to the device include graphics cards, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. In this post, we will discuss some of the features of the Tyan System S8026GM2NRE Motherboard.


  • Memory: DIMM Qty: (16) DIMM slots

Capacity: 1024 GB RDIMM/LRDIMM

Memory voltage: 1.2V

  • Processor: AMD Socket SP3

TDP: Maximum 200W (cTDP)

  • Storage SATA Controller: AMD EPYC CPU

Connector: (2) SATA for (16) SATA ports

Speed: 6Gb/s

  • BIOS: Brand / ROM size: 32MB

Form Factor: EATX

  • Graphic VGA: Chipset: Aspeed AST2500

Connector: D 15-pin


The Server Motherboard comes with several top-end features, which are mentioned below.

Dual socket Feature Set 

For years, the easiest way of deploying a huge number of PCIe gadgets has been to pick a dual-socket board. It can be done even if the computer requirements of the server are low. The company has targeted all these apps along with the AMD EPYC platform simply by supporting 8 memory channels and 124 PCIe lanes in a single-socket platform. 

16 NVME Ports

The NVMe technology of Tyan System S8026GM2NRE Motherboard delivers breakthrough performance by connecting storage devices to the PCIe bus, getting them free from SATA protocol which was designed for sluggish rotational media. The technology enhances transfer speeds and decreases storage latency. The quickest SATA SSDs on the market in 2017 were saturating the SATA bus 6G with sequential speeds of 520MB/s write and 550MB/s read. 

The non-sequential output performance favors NVMe devices, with SATA SSDs attaining 4K random write/read performance of about 100K IOPS. In contrast, the performance NVMe gadgets deliver 4K random W/R numbers of 350-450K+ IOPS.

Due to the lack of PCIe lanes, the previous designs of motherboards were not compatible with NVMe deployment. Every NVMe device needs a PCIe x4 link. A huge number of such gadgets could not be deployed without bottleneck counting and without running out of I/O resources in the server. The EPYC processor is ideal for storage technology, including support for PCIe 128 lanes from a CPU socket.

The S8026 Tomcat is designed specifically to deliver robust support for NVMe storage of server motherboards. Its AMD EPYC design lets Tyan provide 64 PCIe lanes for 16 NVMe ports. Moreover, this Server Motherboard features a PCIe x24 pair, card slots, as well as a number of non-volatile memory express ports that can be enhanced to 20 or 24 devices.

Single Socket 

Tyan’s system is a single socket NVMe-focused motherboard along with an EATX form factor. Joining the power of an AMD SP3 socket, the motherboard delivers 2P performance within a footprint of 1P. Also, it is intended for doing 2P workloads, including e-commerce, big data, video streaming applications, and real-time analytics. 

In addition, it also features support for NVMe deployment along with the 64 PCIe lanes accessible near the front of the motherboard over 8 PCIe x8 Oculink connectors. The s8026 also lets the consumers deploy it with minimum integration into existing chassis architecture. 

High Expandability

The Tyan’s motherboard delivers max expandability in a standard 13″ form factor EEB. This provides the best expansion capabilities in 1U server attachments. 

  • PCIe x16 FH/HL cards 
  • PCIe x16 OCP LAN Mezzanine

Things are exciting when it comes to a 2U chassis as the motherboard features PCIe x24 slots. The motherboard has a pair of accessible 2U cards along with the MUX, supporting x16/x0/x8, which allows every single card to support one x16 slot.

SATA Performance 

Every SATA port on the motherboard is obtained from a PCIe link. Contrary to competing designs which pose a performance bottleneck, each port gets a full SATA throughput of 6G, which means every single port is capable of 550MB/s+ instantaneously. The initial performance testing has revealed total SATA output in excess of 8 Gigabytes per second across the motherboard’s 18 ports.

180W CPU Support

The Tyan System S8026GM2NRE Motherboard supports 32 processor cores and draws a cumulative power of 180W. The s8026 design is able to support an entire range of AMD processors up to their 180W parts.

Up to 18 SATA Ports

Some ports of the EPYC I/O can be remapped to support SATA or PCIe. The s8026 supports Input/Output remapping on an Oculink connector, letting the platform support 18 SATA ports.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned some of the specifications and features of the Tyan System Motherboard. It is designed for the traditional workloads of 2P, including e-commerce, big data, cloud storage, and real-time analytics. Also, the board supports video streaming apps and features support for a speedy NVMe deployment. So, if you are looking for an affordable motherboard to suit all of your requirements, get yourself a Tyan System S8026GM2NRE, as it is equipped with all the necessary features you need.


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