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What to Do During High Wind Warning

A large last winter-like storm making its way across the country this morning. At this time of year, storms can be found on two sides: a cold and a warmer side, and we are evidently on the warm side. A lot of places are 40 degrees cooler today than they were just 24 hours ago!

It’s important to note the existence of winter storm advisory and winter storm warnings across an extensive area that extends from Oklahoma to all the way through Maine. On the colder side of the storm there’s likely to be freezing rain, snow and sleet, which can make for difficult travel. In the East, where the winds are coming from the south there were advisories for wind coming from to the Gulf Coast all the way up to Eastern Maine. This will give you an idea of how vast the system in question is. It’s not really unusual, but it’s rather massive.

Due to the strong southern winds, we’re likely to rise close to or even above 60 on Thursday afternoon, possibly beating the record of 61, which was set back in 1981. Even if we don’t beat the record, a lot of the snow is likely to melt away, and if you’re hoping to take advantage of the warmer weather, you don’t need to worry about rain.

The wind is actually the main story, with wind-related warnings being issued in Eastern Connecticut, all of Rhode Island, and Southeastern Massachusetts including Boston and all the way to Worcester. This region could see speeds of up to 60 miles per hour overnight and in the early part of the morning on Friday. It’s strong enough to cause scattered power outages, and possibly some damage to trees.

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Further inland, the winds will be strong but they won’t be as strong, or severe. Also, power interruptions are not as likely. A majority of models for short-range agree that the winds will peak at around 2 or three a.m. before it will begin to ease off at sunrise.

There’s a chance of a flurry of rain with the strongest winds that will arrive after midnight. Since it’s moving quickly, I’m not worried about flooding, but large Puddles are likely during any downpours that are localized. In most areas, there will be about one-quarter inch of rain which isn’t much of a deal. Additionally, it shouldn’t be shocking if we could hear the sound of thunder.

The high temperature on Friday will be recorded shortly before sunrise , in the 50s. However, once the frontal system has passed the temperatures will begin to fall , and will be to the lower 30s at sunset. This should set us up for a colder, drier weekend. I wouldn’t rule out an icy or rainy shower on Saturday. However, Sunday is likely to be dry and sunny with mostly clear sky and less winds.

President’s Day is my pick of the three-day weekend , with temperatures of 50 degrees and lots of sunshine. It could be a bit shaky on Tuesday, but it’s too hot for snow. In the longer term I believe that the next chance for wintery weather could be the week following Friday, however with a forecast of one week, that may not be the case.

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