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Tips to Buy a Barcode Printer

A printer which is used for printing tags that are printed on the objects to keep track is called barcode printer. With so many barcode printers available in the market, it becomes challenging to select the right printer. Just like when buying any hardware device you have to consider a few important things, same is the case with barcode printer.

  1. Know your printing workload – The first and the most important things that you should consider while purchasing a barcode printer is the volume of your printing work. Different types and sizes of printers are available in the market to meet the varying needs of various businessmen. Determining your printing workload will help you in selecting the right barcode printer. Neither spending more than your requirement nor spending less is fruitful in any way. So, analyze all your needs beforehand if you want to invest in the right hardware device.
  • Understand where the barcodes will be printed – Depending on the type of product and consumer’s needs, barcode printer can be used for printing different tags. Comprehending the use of printed tags, you can easily select the perfect barcode printer to produce long-lasting tags.
  • Consider the print resolution – If you want a clear barcode print, then you will need a barcode printer with high-resolution. Also, a barcode that is printed clearly can be read easily by the barcode scanner. So, prefer buying a barcode printer with high-resolution only. It may cost you more initially, buy your huge amount of time and money will be saved in the long run.
  • Consider connectivity – Connectivity is among the most crucial things that you need to check before buying a barcode printer. Determine how you want your barcode to be connected to your computer. All the printers come with USB connectivity. But, if you run a business at a large scale, then make sure that the printers are connected to the network through Wi-Fi.
  • Understand different printing methods – Based on the printing method, barcode printers are further divided into two types – direct thermal and thermal transfer.
  • Direct thermal – In these printers, the heat generated from the machine is used to create the prints on the labels. Their biggest advantage is that they produce clear barcode for easy scanning. However, they come along with a disadvantage that they are only suitable for the products that will be used within six months.
  • Thermal transfer – In these types of printers, heat is used to transfer an image of barcode from printer ribbon to the label. They are beneficial as the barcode printed with them can last for up to 20 years. But, they are quite expensive, so consider all your budget and future requirements before buying one. 
  • Purchase from a trusted source – Last but not the least, consider from who you buy your barcode printer. After all, you are going to spend your hard-earned money on the hardware device. Also, read online reviews and check their reputation before making any decision.  

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