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The Psychology of Designing a Restaurant Digital Menu

Marketing and psychology mix well together for the benefit of restaurant businesses. The duo helps restaurateurs to conceptualize a plan for running their business.

Furthermore, psychology helps you identify what piques the minds of your prospective customers. It lets you strategically create a plan to persuade customers to experience the services and culinary flair your restaurant offers.

A psychology-based marketing technique allows you to promote your restaurant in different ways. It lets you create campaigns and promotions that eventually reach your target audience.

Offering loyalty programs to regular customers in your restaurant is one example of a psychological technique for retaining customers. You can use a digital restaurant menu QR code software to run campaigns and suggest loyalty programs to your restaurant customers. 

However, offering loyalty programs is not the only psychological technique you can implement in your restaurant.

Your restaurant can use marketing psychology in designing an appealing, profitable, and easy-to-navigate digital menu QR code ordering page. Thus, your restaurant needs to consider how you would present your digital menu to customers.

How to design an effective menu

There are factors you need to consider in designing an effective restaurant menu. These factors include color choices, menu pricing strategy, customer interests, and others.

Here are tips on using psychological techniques in your restaurant marketing strategy.

  1. Choice of color

Color influences customers’ appetites. It is one of the vital factors in designing a restaurant menu. 

The choice of color you will integrate into your restaurant menu will stimulate or suppress your customers’ cravings. Thus, you need to decide on the color palette of your restaurant menu to create an impact on your customers’ dining experience.

Consider that the colors yellow, orange, and red are potent stimulants of appetites. It conveys energy, power, passion, and love. Whether the shade of red is brighter or duller, it helps enhance human metabolism. 

Green is a mild stimulant of customer appetites. That is why only vegetarian and organic restaurant cuisines use this color. The color conveys a message of growth, harmony, and fertility that goes well with organic restaurant branding.

Furthermore, suppressant colors include purple and blue. The purple and blue color conveys authenticity, spirituality, and sincerity. It piques customers’ thirst; thus, blue is best used in drinking environments like bars. Purple, on the other hand, lets you casually give a luxurious feel to your restaurant menu.

You need to be wary of your restaurant menu’s color palette as it affects the craving stimulant of customers.

  1. Strategic menu pricing

Your restaurant can manipulate the pricing of your menu items. Ideally, you can present decoy items as customer bait. 

Draw your customers’ attention to spending on a mediocre menu item aside from the expensive one. Your restaurant will not incur any loss since your customer preferred a lower price than the other. It is the best of both worlds!

Moreover, you can also tag menu items as your week’s specials to encourage customers to order them for a limited time.

Aside from these, you can also eliminate money signs in your digital menu. Money signs prompt adverse connections to your customers’ spending habits. Thus, instead of showing the $29 of your rib-eye steak, you can get rid of the $ and put 29.

  1. Pique customers’ interests

Appealing to your customer’s interests is a psychological technique you can use in your restaurant. You can influence their emotions and empathy by writing down the historical background of your restaurant on your website.

Thus, your restaurant can take advantage of your customers’ emotions. Emotions and empathy resonate with a notion that leads to a restaurant-and-customer relationship.

Create and tell a story about your restaurant on your website. Make a restaurant brand that connects with the values and principles of your customers. Craft a storytelling blog or video that will potentially catch your customers’ attention.

Fortunately, you can also present a glimpse of your restaurant using a digital restaurant menu QR code software and an online ordering page. 

Once your customers scan your menu QR code, it redirects them to your online ordering page, where they can explore the best features of your restaurant in the digital world.


The psychology of designing a digital menu is a great way to improve your restaurant’s customer reach. Strategies increase customer engagement and help improve sales.

Thus, it is better to present a digital menu that is appealing and enticing to customers. Let your digital menu connect to the emotions of your customers.

Create a brand and get noticed in the market. Connect to your customers through marketing psychology.


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