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Your complete guide to Thongs- This summer essential.

From runways to celeb street style to influencers and your best friend, the thong sandal is a summer must-have.

Thongs, often known as flip flops, are a must-have accessory in the wardrobe of any Australian woman. A day at the beach, a stroll, or a quick trip to the store are all possibilities. They’re getting a trendy makeover this season, though.

As the weather warms up, cool, comfortable, and elegant shoes, such as the thong sandal, are a must. These lovely shoes, which come in a variety of exquisite neutral tones, are stylish enough to dress up any outfit while remaining simple, delicate, and flattering, making them an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

Finding the right sandals for you and your style might be tough with so many options. Are you looking for a chic flat thong sandal that’s perfect for brunch and the beach, or a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy thong kitten heel? After reading our top celebrity styling ideas, we’re convinced you’ll want both. Continue reading for styling tips and our picks for the best thong sandals on the market!

1. Kendall Jenner is unavoidable in any discussion about celebrity fashion. This supermodel is consistently at the forefront of fashion trends. To mimic Kendall’s gorgeous beach style, wear your black thong heels to the pool with a bikini top and trousers. For dinner and cocktails in the evening, wear a long colourful dress or a pair of skin-tight slacks with a fitted top.

2. To make your thong heels work for a night out, match the colour of your sandals to your dress and accessories. Rhianna looks beautiful in this all-white suit. We’re totally engrossed!

3. Wear your thong heels with a white statement blouse and denim to mimic Hailey Beiber. This stylish combination is perfect for a date night or a girls’ night out!

4. Channel Bella Hadid’s street style by wearing flat thong sandals with jeans and a button-down shirt during the day.

5. Who says thongs aren’t acceptable in the office? Try pairing your thong heels with a blazer, fitting jeans, or a midi skirt for a really stylish business look. If you keep to neutral colours, you’ll appear put-together and stylish at any formal event.

Thong sandals have made a comeback, and they’re even better than before. We’re here to provide you with a thorough style guide, as well as styling ideas, for our top thong sandals for men, women, and children. You can enjoy this comfy and convenient shoe option with these trendy pairs.

Thong Sandals for Women That We Adore

Ladies, first and foremost! We’ll go through our favourite thong sandals for different occasions, as well as how to pair them together, so you can look great in your sandals.

Montreal Thong

If you’re going on a tropical vacation or spending your summers at the beach, a thong sandal will be your go-to shoe. Put on a simple thong sandal or add a little something extra for your beach walks. It’s available in four wonderful colours that are all very easy to match. For a more boho vibe, choose the thong, which has neutral macrame straps. These would look fantastic with your favourite macrame beach bag.

Riveria Thongs

Our favourite flat sandal in the thong style is the Riveria, a lovely woven shoe that can be worn to the beach and then dressed up for dinner. This shoe comes in two colours: white and sienna. The brown goes with anything, while the white will bring out your tan from the summer.

Malta IV Thong

For a super-comfy fit, choose the Malta IV Thong, which is composed of super-soft suede material. This is how you construct a thong sandal with a padded footbed and arch support for maximum comfort. We particularly enjoy the muted blue colour option for something a little different.

Prime Thong 

If you prefer a higher-heeled shoe, our wedge thong sandals will give you a beachy look while allowing you to ditch your uncomfortable heels. The Prime Thong sandals are a simple style with a threaded strap accent.

The Best Men’s Thong Sandals 

Make these thongs the go-to for any guy looking for a great basic thong sandal that will go with anything. Both include thick straps for added comfort and excellent arch support.

For the Youngsters

Children’s thong sandals are undoubtedly the most basic shoe option. You won’t have to bother about socks, laces, or complicated straps with these fantastic kid thong sandal options.

For You and Your Daughter

For a really cute and straightforward selection for your small one, grab this pair of thong, which comes in a number of colours that go with everything or hot pink for your feminine girl.

In Honor Of The Little Guy 

Thongs are suitable for both on and off the beach for boys’ shoes. The wide straps have a nylon toe piece to avoid friction. These would look excellent with your kids’ tropical button-downs and shorts on a family vacation.

Thong Sandals for Kids

Sandals with a back ankle strap for all-day comfort are created for newborns. The elastic ankle strap secures the shoe on your toddler’s foot while also making it simple to put on and take off.

The velvety footbed and padded strap will keep your little one looking and feeling great all day. This shoe comes in two colours: blue and pink, making it appropriate for both men and women.

Now is the ideal time to invest in a pair of thong sandals, with so much design inspiration available. Novo believes in creating one-of-a-kind sandals that are both trendy and high-quality. As a result, we’ve come up with a delicate and appealing option. You may truly follow in the footsteps of these celebs if you have your own pair of thong sandals.


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