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The benefits of structured cabling for your IT and communication systems

It is highly likely that you are still using the old point cabling system that has been around for many years. You feel that it is a tried and tested method because you have been using it for many years and you don’t feel the need to make the change. However if you were to talk to your staff you would find a completely different story and you would learn about the frustrations about not being able to identify a specific wire and what it belongs to. If you were to talk to your support specialists you would also find the same opinion from them and you would learn about their frustrations about trying to update or fix problems while still trying to figure out which wire belongs to what. It is an incredibly frustrating situation for them and it’s one that you need to be aware of.

This is why many businesses have already changed to fibre structured cabling which offers a neat and manageable way to handle your cabling systems and it makes life easier for everyone. If you are still dragging your feet and you need more convincing about why structured cabling is best for your business then maybe the following benefits can help you to make a more informed choice that will improve your IT and communication systems.

  • It’s neat and tidy – You know what it’s like when you deal with an employee who has an incredibly untidy desk and it is almost impossible to find the work that they have done and the important documents that you need. The same applies for your cabling system and the use of 5G technology because putting the right one in place not only makes your business look good but also makes your staff a lot happier as well as they are not dealing with cables on the floor, coming out of the walls and hanging everywhere in an open space. Using structured cable technology, all of these wires are hidden away within the walls, under your floors and above your head in the ceiling tiles.
  • Better cyber security – Putting a structured cabling system in place provides you with many unique security features and functions that only people who are authorised can access. Your current systems can probably be easily corrupted and none of this can happen within a structured cabling system.
  • Multiple system & applications support – Your structured cabling will work in tandem with your other systems and applications to create the best IT and communication environment. It’s likely that your business operations are in many different locations and so you need a structured cabling system that can offer you a VoIP software that can be used to hold all of your business meetings remotely.

You need to regard installing structured cabling as an investment in your business’ future because it makes updating your system later on much easier for everyone. The system itself is incredibly flexible so that it can respond to many different changes in your business environment.

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