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Kenstar Air Coolers: Great Options For Comfort And Convenience

The summer days are too hot in most Indian cities. But, you find that the regular use of AC is breaking your budget on the monthly utility bill. Never fret. Air coolers can be a better alternative to it.

The Kenstar cooler price is pocket-friendly for most consumers. While maintaining reasonable pricing, Kenstar has tried to refine the air cooler models. A cool gust of air from your Kenstar air coolers can make you feel stress-free. You do not need to pay a hefty electricity bill for running your air cooler. The innovatively designed air coolers from Kenstar keep up the comfortable temperature of your room. Low initial cost, less power consumption, and high cooling capacity- these features have made Kenstar’s products attractive.

Now, we have listed the latest range of Kenstar Air Coolers so that you can buy them. Based on the choice of models, you will find the air cooler price.

Kenstar 15 L Tower Air Cooler

The tower air cooler with high-end performance can cool a room of 150 square feet. It consumes 140 Watts of power during its operation. The tank has a capacity of holding 15 L of water.

There are 3-speed settings. Based on your needs, you can adjust your air cooler. Moreover, the system ensures effective cooling with cross-ventilation in the room.

Why should you buy a Kenstar tower air cooler?

This air cooler does not consume much space due to its sleek design. When you are looking for a space-saving cooler, you can rely on this model. Standard air coolers have a cumbersome design and do not fit in a small room. To match your cooler to the aesthetics of your room, you can invest in Kenstar tower air coolers.

These air coolers have a strong, stable, and lightweight design. The highly efficient system can cool your bigger rooms.

The integrated wheels of these coolers let you move them from one room to another without effort. Based on your needs, you may install the air cooler.

Kenstar 60 L Desert Air Cooler

The powerful desert air coolers from Kenstar are the best choice in the arid regions. You can buy them for your indoor use. The large fan blades with a length of about 45.7cm ensure a longer air throw of 35 feet. You can cool a larger space with the installation of a Kenstar desert air cooler.

Another notable feature is the Motorized Louver Movement, which is adjustable to control the smoke and air movement in a closed space.

Kenstar has tried its best to add smart features to the air coolers. This desert air cooler with a 60L tank has a humidity control capability. The ventilation becomes automatically activated due to the built-in air sensor. Your room will have better and more consistent air circulation. You may check out this air cooler price to make a deal. If you want a Air Cooler model then you can visit Bajaj EMI Store for better deals available.

Why do you buy desert coolers from Kenstar?

  • As desert coolers have a tall design, they can accommodate a number of components.  They include effective cooling pads, a big tank, large fans, and a front grill. Moreover, they have a portable trolley simplifying the movement.
  • The series of desert coolers from Kenstar have smart features, like humidity controller, inverter compatibility, digital control panel, and load protection.
  • Desert air coolers have a shower distribution mechanism. You will also find a remote controller to adjust the speed from high to medium and low levels. Moreover, the ice tray ensures better cooling capabilities.

Desert coolers provide you with fresh air, and you can install them in your commercial space. Check out the Kenstar cooler price and buy the best one for your purpose.

Kenstar 20 L Personal Air Cooler

Kenstar personal air coolers are effective in cooling a small space. With a remote controlling system, the cooler provides you with 2-speed settings. The height of this air cooler can be about 88.5 cm. As it consumes 130W of electric energy, you do not need to pay a high amount for utility bills. The personal air cooler price is affordable and within your budget. Moreover, you can buy one with a smaller water tank of about 12 L.

Advantages of using personal air coolers

  • No installation problems

Installing an AC is a complicated process. It needs trained technicians to connect the AC properly. However, personal air coolers have no connection to ducts.

  • Consumes minimal space

Personal air coolers do not take up much space. They are the right choice for your rental apartment. You do not need to install them permanently.

  • High portability

Portability is an added advantage to cool down your rooms. You can move your air coolers to different rooms for your cooling needs.

The good news is that Kenstar’s cooler price rates are getting lowered. Buying the air cooler has become easier with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can purchase the cooler from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and pay for the appliance in easy EMIs. Visit the EMI Store and check the latest price of Kenstar air coolers.


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