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Tailbone Pain (Coccyx) Type and Its Causes

Oxide Nia coccyx is commonly called the tail bone This is the last part of this column. Comprising of two to four separate or fused vertebrae called the coccygeal vertebrae and it lies below the sacrum.

The coccyx is a small bone and most doctors are not aware with this bone. The coccyx provides an important attachment for tendons ligaments and muscles in the lumbosacral. Spine X-ray and MRI will not show coccyx if you want to see toxic views of coxsackie order or MRI dynamic switch views.

While the patient is sitting and leaning backward this exhale should then be compared to a non-weight bearing film. With the patient standing or lying to the side excessive movement of the coccyx is abnormal. When seated, the coccyx moves forward and acts as a shock absorber.

The coccyx bears more weight when the person is sitting and leaning backward compared to when leaning forward toxic pain symptoms. coccidia pain during sitting or when getting up from sitting pain originating in the middle just above the anus the pain improves while leaning forward or to the side local tenderness over the area most frequent causes of coccyx pain are falling into the buttocks or falling backward fracture or dislocation due to trauma or injury.

It could occur from malignancy it can occur during pregnancy and labor or the condition may be idiopathically fallen on the tailbone can lead to coccygeal pain known as coccidia resulting in chronic inflammation of the Sacro coccyx gel joint.

What are the types of coccyx injuries?

  1. Anterior dislocation 
  2. posterior dislocation 
  3. Anterior angulation 
  4. Hulk coccyx 

In addition to hawking and dislocation causing pain, there may be side bend deformity causing the coccyx to be angled sharply. Side turn deformation is usually left. In the hog coccyx Dural tension causes sacral yet syndrome. low back pain and other symptoms is an unproven theory. This is a normal Dural tension and you can see a curving of the coccyx can cause increased neural tension.

what is the treatment of coccygeal? 

Injuries manipulation therapy cushion for sitting like doughnut or balloon injections and surgery at the last resort in surgery. You remove the mobile or the fractured coccyx. The tailbone of the coccyx is at the lower end of the spine, The sacrum of the lower back is called the lumbar vertebrae.

followed by the sacrum and in the coccyx the tailbone. The coccyx is a very small bone and most doctors are not familiar with it. 

The coccyx. The tendons provide significant attachment to the ligaments and muscles.

Lumbosacral the spine x-rays and MRIs will not show the coccyx. The patient is standing or lying to the side excessive movement of the coccyx is abnormal.

The coccyx is a shock absorber. It moves a little when it sits down. The coccyx bears more weight. when the person is sitting and leaning backward compared to when leaning forward coccyx pain symptoms Cox Edenia Pain when sitting or getting up from sitting. Above the anus in the middle pain improves when leaning forward or leaning to the side local tenderness. just above the anus, 

The most frequent causes of coccyx pain :

Include falling in the buttocks or backward fracture-dislocation due to trauma or injury malignancy. The tumor in the coccyx, chordoma of the coccyx, infection pregnancy, and labor idiopathic without any apparent cause falling on the tailbone.

 Can lead to coccyx pain we call it Cox Edenia with chronic inflammation of the sacral coccygeal joint this location of the coccyx who cares when there is a separation of the coccyx from the sacrum.

Types of coccyx injuries 

Anterior dislocation posterior dislocation anterior angulation hope coccyx a lot of people think it’s a big deal in causing the pain in the tailbone the side.

Coccyx twist disorder is another type that causes coccyx pain. Durrell tension causes sickle coccygeal syndrome low back pain and the other symptom is Enum. The proven theory there is that a smooth movement of the Dural tube as the coccyx moves normally.

Excessive curving of the coccyx causes increase dual tension by the pole on the Dural tube and if the coccyx is extended that the neural tube will be relaxed and the tension will be relieved so as the back pain. 

This is just a theory an unproven theory treatment of coccyx injuries include manipulation therapy cushions for setting such as donuts and balloons injections surgery in the last resort socially includes incision at the end of the spine to expose the coccyx the attachment of the muscles inserted into the coccyx.

The French six is removed and care should be taken to avoid injury to the rectum the wound is irrigated and closed and the patient is given antibiotics for a few days


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