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affordable used car and best used car deals the UK

As an official Car Friend, I am often asked by people who are Car Friend me questions like Hey, James. Should I pick up an affordable used car and best used car deals UK go to the beach, and sometimes to suburban grocery stores What is the answer to this question, of course, the answer is yes, but that’s an answer that invites a lengthier interrogation:

What cars should I consider? What is a reasonable budget? Are private sellers trustworthy? In the spirit of that discussion, this article is a comprehensive guide for buying cars for people who live in a place where they don’t require a car, but maybe it’s nice to possess.

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It’s a great time to start looking for used cars. If you’re not relying on your vehicle to get around on a daily basis, it’s possible to get a perfectly decent vehicle with a minimal investment. Modern autos last far longer than the old whips of generation. A car that’s fifteen years old by the year 2016 will have the most comprehensive list of conveniences and safety features like power windows, AC, airbags, ABS, and so on. The depreciation slings make sure that used cars from the past sell with a price of around 10-20 percent of their cost new. Furthermore, a smart motorist can drive one of the used cars for several years, maintain it a bit, then sell it for nearly the same amount. There’s a threshold at which depreciation slows to a crawl.

You should consider spending a minimum of $2,500 to get a solid wheel. It’s likely that a vehicle under that price point will have a long life left in it. There are exceptions, of course, but the risk somewhat outweighs the rewards. On the other end of the spectrum, a weekly driver probably doesn’t need to pay more than $5,000. Between those two points is the sweet spot for value and reliability.

What kind of car am I looking for?

Japanese producers tend to create the most reliable vehicles. In the bargain bin for used cars, Hondas and Toyotas are the most durable, and also maintain their value slightly better than the other contenders. Lexuses, as well as Acuras, are typically affordable — these are not Toyotas and Hondas by a different name. Nissan’s, as well as Subarus, are good bets as well. Older cars made by European brands are often hit or not so good. Many people have driven their BMWs and Mercedes to the limit without having to pay a huge repair bill, but regular maintenance is critical for more complex, luxurious automobiles. A shabby sports car with a power seat, an air-adjusted suspension, and dual climate zones has many more parts that are capable of crashing. Low-end Euros are also not safe: older VWs, in particular, should be removed from your search.

American automobiles are generally most affordable on the market, and for the reason that they are. There are certain models from Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and their sibling brands that are screwed together well (particularly trucks) but many of these are junks. Don’t buy anything that looks as if it’s from an airport rental counter LAX around 2005.

For a consumer seeking a “regular” car, boring old sedans and compact cars provide the highest value. Sports cars, trucks, Jeeps, etc. are appreciated by enthusiast communities and command a premium in comparison to the more sluggish transport.

What do you look for when looking at an advertisement for a used car?

True, but cliche: the best place to find a used car is the same one you used to sell your sofa and locate an Pokemon Trainer: Craigslist. Some regions have excellent local newspaper classifieds too, but Craigslist — the temple of retro web design -is always a good choice small used automatic cars.

Many people are afraid to purchase a used car through a private dealer, however, I prefer doing business with a private seller. Dealers aren’t aware of the history of their inventory. On the other hand, an individual seller will be able to tell the story behind their vehicle. Private sellers are typically sincere, but they can be less knowledgeable than experts in the field of automotive. Used car dealers that specialize in the cheapest cars, by, however, are usually bottom-feeders — the fount of which the stereotypes about sales in cars emerged. There are reliable used car stores however, be wary of scams that are run by night.


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