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Prepare your Maine lobster by yourself at home

Here is the Maine Lobster that you are looking for a long time. You don’t have to eat that stored or frozen lobster anymore. It is because you will have the directly caught and live lobster at your home without worrying about anything. You will have the best results with it and have the chance to cook it yourself according to your requirements. One thing is that you have to kill the lobster yourself because it comes alive to your place. So, you have to do all the things by yourself. You can boil it in water to kill but it takes time and now lots of people considering killing lobster with a knife. It is one of the best methods to kill the lobster instantly. It helps them to kill the lobster immediately.

How to cook?

After cutting or killing the lobster then you just have to put it in the boiling water and add the spices to add extra flavor. You can add the spices according to your requirements and make them according to your taste. After cooking then you can also make some dips according to your preference. So, you are all free to cook the lobster according to your taste. You will have the 5 lobsters in a box and will have the 10 lbs of a total quantity. It is enough to have a healthy meal with your family. You can choose the spices and all the things that you want to add according to your requirements. You will have to try it for once and going to love it. Here are several people who ordered it and are pleased with such tastier seafood at their homes. You can also be one of them by placing your order online and getting the order delivered to your place.


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