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Issues With The Heart And Physiotherapy What Use Is It To You?

What Do We Mean By Heart Problems And Physiotherapy?

The first thing to understand is that physiotherapy does not treat heart problems as such. Revital Health Physiotherapy And Massage However, it can help slow their progression, reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. The physiotherapy professional also intervenes with patients who undergo heart surgery, for example bypasses, valve replacement, implantation of circulatory assistance (or mechanical heart), or even a heart transplant.

Prevention Part Of The Work Of The Physiotherapy Professional

One of the roles of physiotherapy with people with heart problems is prevention. This can be primary prevention, to prevent cardiovascular disease in people who do not have it, but also secondary prevention when patients suffer from heart problems. Prevention thus makes it possible to improve and limit the risk of complications.

Primary Prevention

The physiotherapy professional has a role in the primary prevention of certain heart diseases such as atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. Always based on the latest scientific studies, he educates and sensitizes his patients to the various risk factors. It gives advice on physical activity and good lifestyle habits to adopt in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is also important to emphasize that the physiotherapy professional always has a global approach and works in collaboration with other health professionals such as doctors, dietitians, pharmacists, etc., as needed.

Secondary Prevention

The physiotherapy professional also has a preventive role with patients at risk or who have suffered a cardiac event.

For example, it can intervene following a heart attack. It is recognized that physical activity can reduce the risk of mortality or recurrence in this situation. Thus, the physiotherapy professional assesses the patient’s exercise tolerance and develops a suitable program. He also participates in his education so that he understands his condition he can develop and integrate healthier lifestyle habits.

Cardiac Surgery And Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy professionals are often present with patients who have undergone heart surgery.

Before The Operation

Not all patients are seen by a physiotherapy professional before heart surgery. In some cases, however, it is important to assess the respiratory, vascular and neuromusculoskeletal condition, as well as the physical condition of the patient in order to optimize his condition and ensure a faster recovery after the intervention.

After The Operation

In collaboration with the medical team, and depending on the condition of the person, the physiotherapy professional may see his patient the day after his operation, in intensive care. It then has 3 main objectives.

The Mechanical Heart, Heart Transplant And Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy professional is also present with patients who must undergo the implantation of a mechanical heart or a heart transplant. In general, his interventions are similar to those applying to heart surgery. However, there are some subtleties due to the peculiarities of these operations.

What Is The Difference Between A Mechanical Heart And A Heart Transplant?

The implantation of a mechanical heart does not mean that the heart is replaced, but rather that a part of it has been changed (by a machine) to allow it to work better. This intervention generally occurs before the transplant when the patient’s condition worsens and his medical treatment no longer works. It is therefore a way to save time and offer him a better quality of life before the transplant. Transplantation, on the other hand, consists of the total replacement of the patient’s heart with another.

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