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Peterbilt — Guaranteed Here to Stay (But Why?)

If you’re in the trucking industry, or you’re considering entering it, you may or may not have noticed that certain trucks are more common than others – and we’re not just talking about 18-wheeler trucks versus smaller ones. There are trucks manufactured by some companies, such as Peterbilt and Kenworth, that are seen more often compared to those from other manufacturers.

Peterbilt trucks, in particular, are highly prized. In fact, you’ll have trouble finding a truck driver who regrets buying a Peterbilt, and with good reason. Here are several reasons why Peterbilt is a manufacturer that’s sure to stay.

Peterbilt trucks are dependable

Designers and engineers at Peterbilt know that no trucking business can afford too much downtime, and that’s why they produce vehicles that are designed to need as little maintenance and repair as possible. From the materials used to the overall design, trucks like the Peterbilt 389 can and do perform better, and can do so for years, thus saving the owner-operator both time and money. 

The trucks are better insulated

In connection to the aforementioned point, better insulation is another key feature of Peterbilt trucks, due in part to the materials used in manufacturing, and to the design and planning. A well-insulated cab is easier to keep at a comfortable temperature, whatever that may be for the individual driver; it will also help the driver concentrate better since there won’t be too much outside noise that gets through the cab walls. 

Then there’s the routing and wiring in each truck. Not only are they well thought through so there are no unnecessary tangles, but these systems are also properly wrapped so there’s no excess friction and chafing anywhere.  

The engines don’t run out of steam

Peterbilt engines are built to last, just like the trucks they’re used in. After all, it would make no sense for the engine to start deteriorating when the cab and trailer are still in pretty good shape. So the engines are meant to keep going for at least ten years, especially if owner-operators remember to keep up with the necessary maintenance to ensure that everything is in good working condition. 

Peterbilt trucks are of high quality

Very few manufacturers are just out to make a quick buck, and while Peterbilt isn’t the only manufacturer to really stand behind the quality of the vehicles they sell, they do have a long history to live up to. So they make sure they hit the mark with each truck they manufacture, helping to guarantee that no owner-operator thinks twice about their purchase because they know whatever truck they get, it won’t break down easily or need repairs in the very near future.

As you can see, a Peterbilt truck is worth the cost. Even if you’re getting a used one, as long as it was well cared for, it’s sure to help you do your job with as little downtime as possible so you can get the most return on investment with each trip. 
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