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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Protection

With more than 300 million customers shopping on Amazon, protecting the integrity of our brand is critical to our success. In the past, many online retailers were hesitant to protect their products under the Amazon Brand Registry (AMBR) because it was easy to list and sell infringing products on Amazon.com. 

In fact, counterfeits and unauthorized sellers were so prevalent that customers complained about receiving counterfeit products from Amazon sellers. With AMBR, brands can register their listings for an additional fee along with trademarks and product images, thus making it easier for brands to monitor their products on Amazon.com and protect their brands from counterfeits. 

Tens of thousands of brands have already registered themselves under AMBR. This number is expected to grow immensely in the future as more brands learn about its benefits. 

What are the Risks of Not Protecting Your Amazon Brand?

Amazon brand protection is essential if you want to build a strong business. You can have the best product in the world, but if you aren’t able to promote it and protect it against counterfeits and knockoffs, you won’t be able to build a lasting business.

Why is Amazon Brand Protection Important?

Amazon brand protection helps you protect your products from unauthorized sales on Amazon.com, so only you can sell them on our site. It allows you to block customers from buying copies of your product and helps you leverage your intellectual property rights to recover associated fees as necessary. As a brand owner, you have many options available to control the commercial resale rights of your products, including exclusivity, geographic restrictions, and whether to allow or disallow third-party sales of your items.

You can keep your brand safe by registering and monitoring your trademarks. Doing so helps you fight off counterfeits, which both infringe upon your intellectual property rights as a company as well as harm your brand as a whole. 

In today’s day and age, you’ve got to protect your brand. While many sellers are keen to jump on eCommerce, there’s no easy way to protect yourself from counterfeiters. Through Amazon Brand Registry, you can now register a product profile in order to prevent these illegitimate sellers from selling their counterfeit products on Amazon.

There are several benefits associated with Amazon Brand Registry: 

  • A dedicated web page showing off your brand’s products 
  • Access to FBA Label Service, which allows you to print your own branded shipping labels right from your Seller Central dashboard
  • Access to Amazon’s Trade Dress Protection Program, which identifies potential trademark violations before they occur 

Amazon Brand Protection Services

There are several brand protection amazon services available that Vendors can utilize to make sure they don’t lose the rights to their product listings on Amazon. This can be extremely helpful in protecting brands, increasing sales, and boosting profits. These include;

IP Accelerator

IP Accelerator is a multi-patented technology built into each Kindle that helps protect your device from performance-robbing data corruption during transfers between devices. Once you enable IP Accelerator, damaged or corrupted files during transfer are replaced with good copies of the original file. It makes for a much faster, more efficient mobile reading experience.

Brand Registry

Brand Registry is a service that helps protect your brand. Once you register, Amazon stops third-party sellers from selling your intellectual property without permission. All listings for your brand will be tagged with a badge that communicates your commitment to protecting your brand.

Your brand is what will show up at a customer’s door. Brands are built on trust, and when a customer buys a counterfeit item, this trust is shattered. With a brand registry, you can help protect your brand and identify unauthorized sellers of counterfeit products.

Transparency codes

Transparency codes help customers easily find authentic product reviews on Amazon and ensure that customers can trust the product is a genuine item from Amazon. Transparency codes are clearly visible to customers and cannot be removed by sellers.

Amazon Brand Protection Transparency Codes are an easy way for you to provide customers with brand safety information. When you elect to display transparency codes on your product detail pages, you can see how many times a product or seller is mentioned in policy notifications by searching our Product Advertising API using the “Brand Restriction Notices” endpoint.

Key Takeaway

Amazon’s product brand protection is an important part of the sale of products. It is a type of insurance that covers the expenses you will have to incur if your merchandise is damaged or stolen by a third party. Amazon brand protection services are a benefit for merchants and third-party sellers who choose it as their preferred dispute resolution method. Despite being an optional service, Amazon brand protection is one of the most popular ones because it reduces your costs in case of product loss or damage, and it also provides you with a valuable incentive to use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) as your fulfillment option. 


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