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Know How Can a Psychologist Help From Stress-Related Issues

Are you sleeping less and constantly feeling hungry or not hungry at all? Are you getting cold sweats time and again? Has diarrhoea and stomach upsets been affecting you too much recently? 

All of these are signs of stress impacting your body. So, if you have your Bajaj health card with you, use it to get effective treatment as soon as possible. 

And before you book an appointment, read on to know how a psychologist can help you with stress-related issues. 

Counselling By the Best Psychiatrists for Stress Management 

Stress causes drug abuse, chronic pain or illness, lack of relaxation or pleasure, and adversely impacts well-being. Meeting a psychiatrist or mental health professional can be helpful. An experienced psychiatrist will work with you to treat the symptoms related to stress and help you work through the issues leading to it. 

Therapy can help address the kind of stress that comes due to certain life situations. As a person feels stressed due to a life-changing medical diagnosis, divorce, or loss, therapy can help address these concerns and their impact on an individual’s life. 

Workplace problems can also cause excess stress. When you feel stressed due to a relationship or family issue, family or couples therapy might help resolve the issue. You can consult the best psychiatrist in Chennai or the city you live in to help you deal with your issues. 

Use Bajaj Health Card to Get Therapies for Stress Relief 

Counsellors and therapists utilize different types of therapies to help you cope with stress and anxiety in healthy ways. For instance, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is usually an effective type of treatment for stress. It can help change the negative thought patterns that come up due to stress. In addition, it’s often utilized to aid people to find newer ways of considering events causing stress. The new ways of thinking can help reduce the stressor’s impact. 

Other kinds of therapy might help deal with stress that is usually based on mindfulness. It means they can help enhance mindfulness as a way to reduce stress. Again, different types of therapies include mindfulness. Some of these involve dialectical behaviour therapies (DBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapies (MBCT), and acceptance and commitment therapies (ACT). 

Stress also manifests itself in the form of other mental health issues, such as addictions, PTSD, or anxiety. Also, the conditions are treatable with therapy. Therapists can make you understand the overall condition of your mental health. Then, depending on what they can find, they will form a treatment plan to suit your condition. 

Make sure to freely talk to the best psychiatrist in Chennai or any other city about subjective symptoms and stressors. The therapist can go on to find the right counselling strategy to help you. 

Tips from The Best Psychiatrists For Stress Management 

Therapists might also offer advice on different strategies you can utilize to relieve or manage stress on your own. Stress impacts the emotions, mind, and body. It goes with the fact that effective stress management targets stress occurring in the emotions, mind, and body. 

Here are the tips to reduce stress in the given areas: 


● A hot bath 

● Deep breathing 

● Exercises, such as dancing, running, yoga, or swimming 

● Acupuncture or massage 

● Spending time with your pet 

● Going on a nature walk 

● Taking naps 

● Aromatherapy 

● Listening to calming music 


● Focusing more on positive events in life 

● Staying organized 

● Planning ahead 

● Testing catastrophic thinking and negative thoughts in reality 

● Using affirmations or positive self-talk 

● Meditating 


● Crying or laughing 

● Expressing your feelings through painting or writing 

● Engaging in different hobbies, such as gardening, cooking, or crafting 

● Seminars and self-help books to learn coping methods to handle stress might also work for some people. 

The Bottom Line 

Psychiatrists are specialists who can help you come out of stress-related issues effectively. You will only need to be patient and follow their advice closely. Besides, with your Bajaj card, booking an appointment has become so much faster and easier. So, go ahead and book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Chennai or the city you live in today.  


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