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American football

The athletic challenges that we face in football games are numerous. Play American football with your friends. Our games feature talented quarterbacks, strong linemen, and quick running backs. You can play for free now! You can access these web games on your computer, mobile device, or tablet through your browser. Get ready for the Super Bowl and prepare to throw long passes, battle the defensive line, and score touchdowns! Your favorite teams like the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears are waiting for you!

Show your skills:

With throwing competitions and running drills, you can put your football skills to use. Use training camp exercises to refine your player characteristics. To prevent the other team from scoring simply, punt the ball on fourth down. When you are ready, use the regular season to make the playoffs! When you have mastered your kick-off skills, try entering the playoffs!

Defeat your opponent

Two opposing teams are taking part against each other using an oval-shaped football and attempting to score a touchdown in the other team is the end zone. The sport is famous all over the world as well as being one of the most popular in the United States. There are many different strategies, tactics, and playing positions involved in football which is why The Superbowl is known as the ultimate football competition. Millions of viewers watch the Superbowl every year. 

3D American Football:

Unlike other games, this game allows you to control a team of players and compete in assorted matches. Our selection of American football games includes both realistic 3D action-packed titles and cartoon-style arcade games. Other types of football games include training simulations and team management simulations.

Play American football 

Control players playing American Football online and compete in multiple competitions! Throw long passes, smash through opponents’ defenses, and score touchdowns! Today, you can choose from 4 of the best free American football games available online. You can play these games on any device, including mobile phones, computers, Android, and iOS devices.

Why should we play American football?

There’s no need to feel alone if you’ve ever wondered how to play (or follow) American-style football. Learning some of the basics and understanding the strategy of American football can make the game appear as nothing more than a bunch of guys running into each other. American football pits you against your opponent in a race to score more points within the given time frame. It is necessary to move the ball down the pitch before finally getting it into the end zone for a touchdown. It can be accomplished by either passing the ball to a teammate or running with it.


Featured in the gameplay is becoming a key member of your team. The point system awards game cash to players who stay in the middle of the action. Real ball physics ensures that the game is realistic. Control who you want to play every single time

  • Choose every single play and control the player that you want. It includes offensive tactics like play selection, rushes acceleration, stiff arm, and spin while, defensive tactics include interception, speed boost, and dive tackle. 
  • It is available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.
  • Each time a team advances the ball 10 yards forward, it gets four chances (downs). Their downs revert to zero if they fail to get 10 yards. 
  • After four downs have passed and they have failed to advance the ball by 10 yards, they will be a force to turn it over to the defensive team.

Winning the Game

If the teams are tied after the first quarter, they will play one more quarter until somebody wins. If there are no winners, the game will decide over time.


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